The olive farmer

Olive oil does not grow in bottles from olive trees- it would be nice though.

This is what ‘Abundance’ looks like, I learned this week…

March over to the olive grove.
Shake a tree.
Catch the olives.
Bucket them and then decide what you are going to make if it…

It is only- once you see all the fruit gathered in one bucket that you realize what you were not aware of before. You already have what you need. But… it’s going to take some sweat to make the buckets of fruit work for you. Now to decide to make pickled olives/jam/tapenade/olive oil. You have to take the bucket to the next level- never will I take that good old olive oil bottle for granted again!

I hope you also discover what will fill your bucket(s) abundantly this Covid season.

Sr. Marthie Nel Hauptfleisch
Singer-Songwriter, Professional Nurse, Inspirational Speaker
“Find Your Purpose And Run With It”
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>In the picture: Mia the cat was helping to farm my buckets this week: lying on top of my computer keyboard, digging my garden holes deeper(and then peeing in them) and she nearly tilted the bucket filled with olives!
>Skemeraand is a new song written by Johan Koorts and his school friends during lockdown, musical arrangement by Bram Potgieter. I loved singing it! You can listen to it here
>It’s an early olive: #SpeakAfrikaansEasily Online course is available! You are welcome to check for spelling mistakes etc. Me? I’m just happy I finished something… I’ll send you the link/code.
>AT LAST! A Slideshow(365 Inspirational quotes with wild flowers from my backyard forest- link below): it took 4 years of taking pictures and more than a year’s inspirational quotes brought together. I used all the minibreaks while making the online course to edit it(yes you are welcome to help me tweak it)-four days of sitting on my butt in front of the computer-Listened through The Message Bible in 5 days(I learned: musicians sing and tell the stories of the people so the people remember how blessed they are on their journey from A to B. In King David’s time they got free food and lodging, plenty of practice time and made the country rejoice: that was their job. Oh and write songs: new ones…of course)
>A lot of ppl have been asking about how to collect money online – especially street musicians and artists. I figured out Snapscan and Drop me a note if you want me to explain what I know. It is tricky but easy enough- once you have set it up it is easy!
>Song of the week is The Widow’s Olive Oil. Die weduwee se kruik. Your ‘I have nothing’ is the last drop of the beginning of abundance. (You can read the story in 2 Kings 4). She had to ask her neighbor’s help: all the containers/buckets she could find to put the oil in. I can only imagine what a big job is would have been: pouring all that oil from her tiny jar! Link to song

Ching-ching-ching(Net ‘n bietjie olie in my kruik.)

Koor: Net ‘n bietjie olie in my kruik.
Net ‘n bietjie olie in my kruik
Is dit te min
vir ‘n wonderwerk?
Net ‘n bietjie olie in my kruik.
Net ‘n bietjie olie in my kruik.
Is dit te min
vir ‘n wonderwerk?

Word my laaste druppel
U eerste druppel.
Bodemloos en in oorvloed
Here maak my oë oop…
As die laaste druppel val
Met my laaste beste
maak God die kruike vol.

ching ching ching
ja Here, ek sien…
ching ching ching
ja Here, ek sien…

Koor: Net ‘n bietjie olie in my kruik.
Net ‘n bietjie olie in my kruik
Is dit te min
vir ‘n wonderwerk?
Net ‘n bietjie olie in my kruik.
Net ‘n bietjie olie in my kruik.
Is dit te min
vir ‘n wonderwerk?


Word my laaste druppel
die eerste druppel
Bodemloos en oorvloed
Heer maak my oë oop…
Word my laaste druppel
Met my laaste beste
en God maak die kruike vol.

ching ching ching
ja Here, ek sien…
ching ching ching
ja Here, ek sien…

Spending time in the gap

It’s been very quiet in my house: everybody is home in their own corner of the house: Jean, Nell, Cobus and me. I think the most fun I have is laundry-Mondays when I am trying to pair socks… it’s a ‘to be continued’ saga…

Corona 19 has given me time to sit, sit and sit some more doing stuff I have never found time for before: like working on the #SpeakAfrikaansEasily online course and I am now 120 videos deep into it, 23 days and still not done but making progress.

I wanted to let you know I will be releasing the stories behind my music weekly every Monday on my YouTube channel if you are curious-all the way up to August! You can click the link below. Hopefully we will be dancing in the streets by that time. #SeniorsRock #YouthMatters

I leave you with a verse that touched my heart:

Message from God-of-the-Angel-Armies:
“Old men and old women will come back to Jerusalem, sit on benches on the streets and spin tales, move around safely with their canes—a good city to grow old in. And boys and girls will fill the public parks, laughing and playing—a good city to grow up in.” Zechariah 8:4-5.

The days the World stood still and paid attention: 2020. I am glad I know you and we can do this together. #StayHome and be safe. The way we love has changed.

Question: I have been playing with an idea to take up #MondaysWithMarthie again and doing a focus series on ‘Inspiring Women’ & ‘Inspiring men’. Let me know if you know of somebody you want to nominate I can interview to put it together in a podcast/vlog. It is time for more #StoriesOfHope!


Marthie Nel Hauptfleisch
Singer-Songwriter, Professional Nurse, Inspirational Speaker
“Find Your Purpose And Run With It”
083 767 2701
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>The Picture is my ultimate sock- no it is not a collection but a one man welcoming committee -I keep hanging on my washing-line keeping me company weekly.
>Let me know what you are up to in these days of quarantine: new recipes/insights/connections???
>You can Subscribe to my Youtube channel or find me on Spotify: they say streaming is the thing nowadays in music!
>Song of the week is an unreleased song: Wasgoed song/Witter as wit(Laundry song): I remember seeing laundry hanging on a line in the middle of town(Stellenbosch) and the art exhibit’s name was : ‘Colorful Prayers to Father’.

Witter as wit wasgoed- Marthie Nel Hauptfleisch

Wasgoed song: I ii IV V

V1. Kyk hoe hang die wasgoed
op die draad
Soos bont gebede
vir my Pa
Ek kyk deur my venster
En jy kyk deur joune
Ek wonder wat sien jy raak?
Ek hoop dis iets wat saakmaak.

V2. Daars ‘n son wat oor ons almal kom skyn
En daardie wind waai die wasgoed soontoe
Daar’s ‘n bittereinder pennetjie wat altyd haasbek bly hang
En maak die kreukels op die lakens
en tafeldoeke
En jy was jou wasgoed wit met kneukels
Witter as wit, witter as wit.

Tot die borrels hoog staan
en die water spat
en die wasgoed
op die draad bly sit

ons word almal beloon vir ons tyd en moeite
maar hier kyk ons almal nog deur vuil ruite
na dit wat buite sit
want dis is ‘n onstuimige aarde
met ewig feilbare mense
waarvan ons almal bure is.

Brug: wie sal sê hoe die wind vandag gaan waai
en wie sal sê of jy ‘n arm of as ‘n ryk man draai?
ons almal is op soek na
ons almal wil iets he^
maar dis net gekoop in liefde.

vensters was en wasgoed bondels
en alles wat mooi is vir jou vriend
ek sien jou aan die anderkant
want daar is ‘n Here

en Hy was ons witter as wit,
en witter as wit.
En Hy stryk uit al die kreukels
En haal uit die vuil kolle
Vir Hom is al ons foute
Waar Hy ons waarde vind
Vir Hom is al die foute
Waar Hy ons waarde vind

When you can hear your own heart beat

Is either because you have stopped to listen and pay attention or something scary is about to happen that took you by surprise.
To me it’s a bit of both. I sleep next to a doctor every night and he goes to work daily. The ‘hello and goodbyes’ aren’t the same anymore. It comes with exclamation marks and ellipse’s !… Dare I say it: The Corona Virus. It’s like giving the Devil a new name and watch it move collecting freedom where it goes.
It does create opportunity though: to think about what you want, what you had, what you would like to spend your time on or not. It’s all choices: ones you can make and ones you can’t make.
It’s not that bad being in quarantine: I have now at least figured out how I drive myself up the wall without any help of others. And most of all I have rediscovered what keeps me sane and grounded. It’s the small stuff really- like watching the sun move the shadows around in my home office until it shines directly upon my face and I know it’s time to call it a day. Even workaholics need to rest😅.

Thank you for staying home. Thank you for considering what will be your next adventure. I have no words to describe what is happening currently but I do hope I will see you on the other side of health…!
Sr. Marthie Nel Hauptfleisch
Singer-Songwriter, Professional Nurse, Inspirational Speaker
“Find Your Purpose And Run With It”
083 767 2701
Womanonfire_1 instagram
>In the photo is my neighbor’s dogs: all rescue dogs who landed in Heaven. They remind me of second chances and starting again when you least expected it. They can’t wait for the quarantine to be over either!
>footcare: it’s been a while. If you have an emergency I can share videos on everything feet I’ve made. The physical will have to wait and see.
>Songwriting? I’ve sneaked in some corona songs: educational(I think most ppl know to wash their hands by now)and for emotional healing. Here is my favorite one- let me know if you like it too. It’s always good to connect with friends: hey! I even discovered Zoom and rediscovered Skype recently- we can try but South African waking hours please…
>Song of the week: I cry a tear for the innocent ones… I wrote this after I heard of the first two ppl who did not survive the virus and to all the innocent ones: spreading it next, getting it next: the innocent ones.
You can click the button below to go to the song on bandcamp(feel free to browse around: It starts at Psalm 23 all the way to new ones I’ve created for February Album Writing Month)
I cry a tear for the innocent ones
© Marthie Nel Hauptfleisch

I cry a tear for the innocent ones
Who don’t have a say
Because their breath is gone
I cry a tear for the innocent ones
Who came from far away
Who find their freedom’s gone

We all have to learn how to love
But that’s maybe all we know
To love separately From a distance
From far away
When we wanted it to be personal

I don’t know what the future holds,
my friend- For you or my family
All I know is there’s this one step to take
And it’s right here in front of me

So let’s be quiet, yes be at peace
Yes, be thankful for times like these
When we can see there is a blessing in everything
Even though, even when, even I can’t see the future clearly
HOPE is all we have
HOPE is all we have
HOPE is all we have
And a prayer to get you there.

So today I pray for you and your family
That you will know and experience love completely
And you will give it away
And receive more than you need, more than you need
Then we will all have more- abundantly
What a wonderful world, what a wonderful world this would be.

Eh men, Amen

Knock! Knock! Who’s there?

It’s your interruption: there is always one…

||: Ask(receive)
And then your
>>guaranteed :||

It seems to me that waiting is not really a passive action it’s more like playing in your sandbox until the red spade makes it’s appearance.

What is ’work‘ when it’s ’play’ for you because it comes naturally to you because it is your superpower? (What’s a superpower? it is that thing you do that feels like play to you but work to other people.)
How many ‘asks’ is enough for an answer? How many losts for a found? And a series of doors… people aren’t always home when you come knocking…

E.g. I can work hard at songwriting and the more I do it the easier it get’s until it is more play than work…#Autopilot… until one song interrupts my autopilot into awareness: and the sucker gets stuck in my head.

I can work at foot care and the more I do it the easier it gets until it is more play then work… #Autopilot… until one client interrupts my autopliot into awareness: and what they say gets stuck in my head.

Anything becomes easier the more you do it because you become familiar with the in’s and out’s of it. It’s like finding the backbone of a white wall: the only way to find your way around is knocking and listening for echo-answers. It’s hard work. It’s worn blister knuckles. It’s paying attention to detail until you see the bigger picture of what’s behind what seems to be real right in front of you.

When I was small we had a game of playing hot-or-cold: finding the secret hiding spot via clues because nobody in the game knows the answer except the game-master.

And asking is sometimes the most difficult thing: when you don’t know the answer but you would like to know. Asking for help when you wished you were strong enough on your own. But with being strong enough on your own – you loose your connectedness. And people don’t need each other, loose their purpose and become islands floating aimlessly around: following their cellphones around to their next destination- if it is one at all…
Almost like facebook or instagram fishing for likes instead of putting your phone down in return for a real 4D handshake, listening to stories-learning from each other‘s experiences and learning to be interrupted with wisdom you can’t buy from a book. It just says more: eye to eye when a grey head shows you the world through their eyes of years of watching and learning.

Man- I thrive on interruptions; I wait for them patiently as I knock, ask, seek because it saves me time and brings me closer to my humanity: having little time, less time to waste and much to learn to make the time I have, have a bigger impact.

That is my superpower: to figure out what I am here for and play from interruption to interruption knock-knock, seek-seek and ask-ask. The answers keep surprising me, the doors that open too: the stuff you find to be useful is amazing. Not at all what I expected. Not interruptions but rather eruptions of life pressing that turbo button on new insights, new purpose, new hope and new perspective on what before used to be an #Autopilot situation.
>>interrupt me please
all this knocking, asking, seeking going on is just me waiting for you to awaken me into the next level of LIFE.

Sr. Marthie Nel Hauptfleisch
Singer-Songwriter, Professional Nurse, Inspirational Speaker
“Find Your Purpose And Run With It”
083 767 2701
Womanonfire_1 instagram
>In the photo: the teapot that interrupted my day: it threw a tantrum because it has been seriously underused: almost like a ‘I quit’… so we’ll try again tomorrow #TinyConcertsFestival at my house 10:00. Whattsapp me and I’ll send you an address pin. Winston Siljeur and I are doing #FavoriteThongs #FavoriteMusic #Jazz #Covers #Afrikaans #Originals. R120pp(beverage included: Graham Beck MCC is throwing bubbles- so that is something to celebrate already! Besides the forest, the mountain and the newly tuned grand piano- thank you Alwyn!)
>Foot Care as usual: weekdays, school hours.
>SaveTheDate: 🎶13th March ’Gin & Jazz’ in Wellington’s Die Bôrdienghuis with Sincere Swing(Bram Potgieter’s band) New extended playlist I just love because it is both challenging and fun. Starts at 18:00.
🎶’Tiny Concerts Festival’ 10:00 at my house in Stellenbosch 13th March Stellenbosch.
🎶Toastmasters 26 March Somerset West
🎶Homecoming 27 March Drostdy Theatre with Hilton Mandela Andries
and you can still catch me at the Woordfees #OmmieTafelMetMarthie daily at the Plataankafee 13-14:00 until 16th March.
>The song was a hard one to pick: either ‘Knock!Knock’ (the link takes you deep into my Dropbox)
The song is about the skeleton who refuses to die and creates havoc in the living world(its actually about me knocking on my coffin door just wanting to sing one more song… or write one)
or ‘Die Woord’ song: ‘Ek wens ek was die wyn in jou glas’ (seeing that it is Woordfees)

A: Ek wens ek was die wyn in jou glas.
Wat bloos met die aanhoor van jou naam.
Ek wens ek was die handdoek in jou tas
Wat jou lyf omvou as jy drup van dou
Ek wens ek was ‘n woord
Wat aan jou lippe klou
O so naby jou
Ek wens ek was die wyn in jou glas.

B: Want daar is soveel dinge
Wat ons kan aanraak.
En soveel maniere.
Wat jy my kan mal maak.

C: Druiwe word ryp word gepars word geoes
Dis duisende korrels wat gis en ferment
Dit kan jou dronk maak
Water wat wyn raak

NO means ‘Not Overnight’.

It’s not easy hearing a NO. But if you turn it around it works like a button and reads ON. It is a switch and you just need to flick it again…
No means… no never, not now, not today, not this season, not this year or just ‘ask again later’…

We once had aMcDonalds play-toy I could never let go: The Magic Meatball. I loved it so much! The idea is you ask the meatball an important question to which the answer should be ‘yes’ or ‘no’. It had one button you could press resulting in random cheeky answers like
“The Meatball says ‘yes’”
“The Meatball says ‘no’”
“The Meatballs says ‘ask again later’”.

Can one learn something from a bright orange plastic meatball? Yes, absolutely!

You can learn that- although you did not get in for your favorite art festival- you can still go out and meet all the people who has journeyed with you- who has seen your hard work and believe in the Bigger Plan-which is not dependent on tickets sold or 50-100 words printed in black and white in a booklet. It is written in peoples hearts- how they remember you inspired them on a day when they looked at their own ‘NO’ as a permanent condition and in turn remind you to look at your own NO differently-a little less mmm permanent.

So today I bought myself an ice-cream(strawberry and chocolate with jellybeans and caramel sprinkles on top from Marcel’s) and nearly dropped it multitasking paying for it. Nearly melted it because I was talking too much to the next person explaining Tiny Concerts, why they matter(House Concerts) and how it became a Festival… All these various ON people made my NO glow ON because I get it now…
If you can create a legacy and be part of a community of people who move towards building a positive future: that IS the best “Yes!” You can ever get.

You’re Everyone’s Success… (YES)

…it is really not a ‘me’ thing. Its just a matter of waiting until you have been around enough to understand the difference and also give somebody else a chance to build their own legacies too in NO’s and YES’s.

So Cheers to many more NO’s!

Sr. Marthie Nel Hauptfleisch
Singer-Songwriter, Professional Nurse, Inspirational Speaker
“Find Your Purpose And Run With It”
083 767 2701
Womanonfire_1 instagram

>#OmmieTafelMetMarthie -In the picture is me at the fabulous Roosboom winery: perfect relaxed backdrop to communicate what I will be up to the next week at the Woordfees in Stellenbosch: meeting old and new friends at the Plataan Cafe(Kruiskerk), (52 Reyneveld str, Stellenbosch is the closest route destination) 1-2 pm(I’ll buy you a coffee!)
>Tiny Concerts Festival is ON! 6 and 13 March 10-11:00 AM #FavoriteThings #FavoriteMusic #Jazz #Covers #Afrikaans #Originals R120 pp. With Winston Siljeur with his piano fingers and I am managing a couple of toys and drums myself as well as singing. Book below or just inbox me. Beverage included(my neighbor said she things Method Cape Classic should do it so I got Graham Beck on board! Whoop! whoop!) BOOK Below
>Footcare as usual: School-hours. I might be scarcer next week though… Placed 3 carers so far for Care First #PartOfTheFamily
>FAWM is over(February Album Writing Month) I did folky songs(and some cut to the bone ones too) for the Kimberley musical I am working on(history of diamonds) 47 zongs! I had to load most on bandcamp this time because I ran out of harddrive space and memory #LongStory. But the good news I have a new favorite!…drumrolllll
>’The Lost Child’s lyrics were written by Bill White from Peru and I put it to music. That is what is so exciting about music: it is alive and ever evolving!
You can find it here.

The Lost Child
Lyric by Bill White
Feb 27, 2020

Let me put you on a golden pony
And I will lead you up the trail
Through the clouds onto a plateau
Where you can see the sun again

You were lost down in the jungle
Swamp where crocodiles play
With a snake your only bracelet
And your crown a bird of prey

Oh why were you the one to see
Such a sad and frightening sight
A lost child scared and choking
On a piece of shattered light

Now you have stopped crying
The stars with sparkle on dried tears
And I’ll return to our father’s house
Until you need my help again

The Seven Year Plan Is Coming Together

It’s ok to blink. But blinking without having a plan- that’s a problem…
I was thinking: How can I sell you my newest offerings without making it look like my Office desk’s chaos? Well- it might look like chaos… but it’s planned chaos! It’s stuff I engineered more than seven years ago…

You see I had a dream of writing 50 songs for 50 artists and teach and help them to be successful in the music industry as independent artists. For that mission I had to figure it out myself(best person to practice on first is yourself my brother always says) And I literally went all the way to Nashville/TheMoon and back.

And now 7+ years later things are starting to move slowly but surely into focus. At Last! E.g. this week Hilton Mandela Andries came back from his year+ experience in Spain wanting to do a show featuring some of my songs I wrote for him and his amazing voice. We had a meeting on Thursday and ended up spending the day: I play piano, make tracks, play-video-video, record some studio stuff- we collaborate with more artists…) And right there is my dream come true: to have a special chaos day… #PlannedChaos.
Stuff I wrote on my vision board, made white envelopes for, moved it back and forth on clipboards(project status stuff), Dropbox folders, lyric sheets, photo’s, biographies, poster designs… for seven years.

A show? No- I don’t want to sell you a show. This is my life in 7D proving to prove that a baby born- prematurely -can dream big and invite you to become part of the next 7 year’s journey.

“Put down that knitting, the book and the broom- come hear the music play” #LifeIsACabaret #LouisArmstrong

The music is where the music is playing in March:
🎶Tiny concerts Festival starting next week Friday with Winston Siljeur @HouseConcertStellenbosch
🍷☕️#OmmieTafelMetMarthie @52RyneveldStr Talking and Socializing about the Woordfees
🎶Gin & Jazz with Sincere Swing(hey! I have an extended playlist now: Jazz 2) in Wellington @DieBôrdienghuis
🎶Toastmasters Somerset West @SomersetWestLibrary(‘Jazz you dare to dream’ with tracks)
🎶The Homecoming(Hilton Mandela Andries’) @Drostdy. Marthie will be playing piano. Looooove that place’s piano’s!

BOOKINGS? follow link below… it all lives in one crazy place called I told you…#focus)

Oh you might spot the advertisement Thursday in the local Eikestadnuus about footcare/first care home nursing placement- but thats all. BTW I did a talk and show to seniors turning 80+ today in Kylemore(I never refuse: these people still do tea-treats the ‘right’ way)

Sr. Marthie Nel Hauptfleisch
Singer-Songwriter, Professional Nurse, Inspirational Speaker
“Find Your Purpose And Run With It”
083 767 2701
Womanonfire_1 instagram

>The picture is my poster design for our Tiny Concerts Series: I just love a poster with a piano in it- exactly like the one we’ll be playing at my house….
>Footcare as usual: school-hours. Home Care? Met some great ladies at our Orientation Day for Stellenbosch carers last week.
>#RADIOAIRPLAY I have good news: Radio Namakwaland has put my new single on their playlist so you can request it! “In Namakwaland Maak Ons So/ Kommagas Se Mense”
>This is the song (I wrote it for Danneline Ramsden)
Kommagas se mense -Marthie Nel Hauptfleisch-Woman On Fire
Kommagas se mense
V1. Maak my wakker met jou wakkerword brou
As die dou op die dag lê en wag
Dan klim ek nog ‘n bietjie dieper in
Terwyl ek op jou koppie liefde wag.

Pre-koor: Maak jou oorgawe met jou thè
Gooi ‘n bietjie liefde by
Met ekstra suiker en nog melk
Ek weet jy gee om vir my

Koor: In Namakwaland maak ons so
Kommagas se mense(is my mense)
In Namakwaland maak on so
Kommagas se mense(is my mense)

V2. Maak my wakker met jou opstaan brou
As die son net sy kop uitsteek
Dan sien ek kans vir die dag en vir die lewe wat wag
Stuur koppies liefde die wêreld in.

Pre-koor: Maak jou oorgawe met jou thè
Gooi ‘n bietjie liefde by.
Met ekstra suiker en nog melk
Ek weet jy gee om vir my.

Koor: In Namakwaland maak ons so
Kommagas se mense(is my mense)
In Namakwaland maak on so
Kommagas se mense(is my mense)

Brug: Ek loop die lang pad saam met jou
Hand aan hand om al die stories toe onthou.
Genade gemeng met rooi en swart tee
Jare in ‘n blik wil ek graag vir jou gee
Kommagas se mense

Koor: In Namakwaland maak ons so
Kommagas se mense(is my mense)
In Namakwaland maak on so
Kommagas se mense(is my mense)
Pre-koor: Maak jou oorgawe met jou thè
Gooi ‘n bietjie liefde by.
Met ekstra suiker en nog melk
Ek weet jy gee om vir my.

Koor: In Namakwaland maak ons so
Kommagas se mense(is my mense)
In Namakwaland maak on so
Kommagas se mense(is my mense)

When the lights go out but the sun still shines

You must be in South Africa because it is load-shedding. The benefits of load-shedding is you get to spend time with your cat. And plan your day better: computer on, computer off #Restart #ShutDown And everything works in pockets of 2,5 hours.

Just like the show for Valentines day at De Warenmark: 2,5-3 hours. With good music you don’t need lights. And the food will be ready- it always is at De Warenmark(my mom always phones and asks what I am up to when I am eating oysters and champagne there on a Friday night… and then I have to brace myself for the ‘don’t eat raw seafood’ speech…)

But this Friday it is going to be extra special: ✔️Valentine’s day ✔️Friday ✔️Sincere Swing will be creating the music canvas of the evening. Me? I’m the cherry. I hope the cherry remembers her words… 12 new songs- and let me tell you jazz music tend to knot your brain- and vocal chords- securely until you are not really sure in which key you are in, was or going to end up in… alas! Does it even matter..? All I can say that I have been known for creative wording, singing and it is mostly on a recognizable note of the music scale/keyboard. And if not …you just hold it- hold it- hold it until you grab it successfully! Thats all.

Hope to see you there!

Sr. Marthie Nel Hauptfleisch
Singer-Songwriter, Professional Nurse, Inspirational Speaker
“Find Your Purpose And Run With It”
083 767 2701
Womanonfire_1 instagram

>The picture includes the fabulous menu for Friday’s show.
>Show info: Valentynsdag. Bring jou romantiese sy na vore en bederf jou geliefde op Valentynsdag. Vrydag 14 Februarie 2020 met ‘n verruklike driegangmaaltyd met wyn en Jazz deur Sincere Swing & Marthie Nel Hauptfleisch- bespreek nóú.R425 per persoon(sluit 3 gang maaltyd en wyn in) R70 “cover charge” per persoon. Bespreek 021 883 2274.
>Foot care as usual. Care First has their next orientation day for carers 17 Feb- you can email me and I can send you the details.
>You can follow my progress on February Album Writing Month in bandcamp(working on a musical about Kimberley and the diamond rush)
>The song of the week is by Cole Porter: (You’d be so)Easy to love…I recorded it with just voice and piano with Bram Potgieter because it doesn’t need much. It does cover quite a bit of many piano notes… link below.

Care First- staying independent longer

You don’t allow just anybody into your home: it is a place where love and trust are respected. That is why I started Care First Placement Agency. We find trained quality carers you can adopt into your home to keep you in control of your care and independent longer.
This is my press release.

“A project born to give Hope to seniors: Care First Placement Agency.
Stellenbosch has a growing population of seniors who would like to stay independent longer. There are frail care facilities available in the community but it is always a challenge when both partners are not ready for the move or just need minimal support. Sr Marthie Hauptfleisch, a specialist in nursing foot care has identified the opportunity to meet these needs.
“I have had too many people ask me about employing carers and cutting out the middleman whereby carers take the full fee paid by clients, home. Also carers looking for opportunities but not knowing where to start to find the right clients for their skills. This has its advantages and disadvantages: This means that greater care must be taken to place carers with suitable families because this becomes a long term relationship of trust and support. Clients need to feel safe and know that they will be well taken care of even in their most vulnerable life stages. Carers need to feel that they make a difference in the client’s life, giving them quality of life and independence when they need it most.
“We feel that each carer is adopted into a family and becomes part of the family. The disadvantages of a placement agency is that there is no backup carer when a carer takes sick leave and transport is part of the clients and carer’s responsibility to be sorted. The benefits are that the client takes control of who they want and selfmanages their care and companionship according to their needs.”
Clients are assessed for their challenges during an hour consultation with a professional nurse(Sr. Marthie Hauptfleisch) and placements are done by Care Placement Manager(Shaneene Theron). Nursing plans can be put together on request as well as in-service online training courses carers might need for specific client needs e.g. care of clients with Alzheimers, diabetes, stroke or post operative care. These courses will also be available to domestic workers who need to upskill to better meet the needs of the client they are already employed with. Fall prevention and help with assistive devices are also offered.
Carers are registered on an online database capturing their basic education, references and security clearance. This also includes a photo and short video of introduction to simplify the selection process for placement.
Feedback given by clients will help with future employment of carers. Service Placements offered are:
● Companionship
● Respite care(post surgery or holiday break away)
● Transport
● Frail Care
● Child Care
Contact Sr. Marthie Hauptfleisch for more information ​​ or 0837672701”

Sr. Marthie Nel Hauptfleisch
Singer-Songwriter, Professional Nurse, Inspirational Speaker
“Find Your Purpose And Run With It”
083 767 2701
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>In the picture: First Orientation Day(Care First Placement Agency) 3 February 2020
From Left to right
Sandra Fish(carer), Sr. Marthie Hauptfleisch(Professional Nurse), Helena Bester(Auxiliary Nurse), Sheneene Theron(Care Placement Manager), Patricia Cloete(carer), Abigail Beukes(carer). Ek weet nie eintlik hoekom ek Engels skryf nie, want huille is almal Afrikaans. Welkom dames! #CareFirst #PartOfTheFamily
>Show 14 February at De Warenmark: it’s Jazz with Sincere Swing(Bram Potgieter)
>Foot-care as usual. Care First Assessments for care/companion placement may also be booked now. The link to sign up as a client or carer is below. I can’t wait to help you better serve your needs.
>Song of the week is: Kyk tog mooi na jouself my ma- I wrote it for my mother who was having surgery on Pretoria 1000 km’s away from me working in Cape Town at the time. She always worked too hard putting others needs first and I thought it was time to tell her to look after herself because she is much loved. (You can request #RADIOAIRPLAY for this song on your favourite radiostation)
🎶Kyk tog mooi na jouself ,my ma🎶

Vers 1: Ek kan nie jou lewe vir jou ly nie
Kan nie jou drome vir jou bou nie
Verstaan nie die paaie wat jy loop nie.
Tog wens ek jou lewe bly gespaar
al is dit dan net nog ‘n jaar,
Want jy bly die anker wat my hou
Tussenwerpsel: O leef deur my
En sien my kinders groot word
En kyk tog mooi na jouself.
Jy’s geleen aan die wêreld met ‘n rede
Die skaakbord se grootste pion.
Brug: Soms wens ek ek kan jou vashou en in my lewe hou
Maar dan weet ek jy sal wil wegbreek
Jou lewe weereens gee
Vir almal: jou lewe gee
Kyk tog mooi na jouself, my Ma
Vers 2: Ek kan nie sê links of regs is reg nie
Ek kan nie die heelpad saam kom loop nie
Want o hierdie langpad kom van ver
Maar ons het dit saamgeloop, my Ma
daars hierdie naelstring wat ons dra
Oor alles, deur wat ver is, liefde dra…
Nog ‘n tussenwerpsel! :My liefde dra jou hoog as jy soms twyfel aan die lig
My liefde dra jou hoog om jou te troos
Te troos as jy bang is.
Want o my liefde sal jou dra
Kyk tog mooi na jouself, my Ma

Fly on the wall

My dad always used to give the flies names- especially the ones who were frequent flyers(and landers) when we would visit Blenheim Farm on December Summer holiday visits to Stellenbosch. Since those days I have discovered inventive ways of keeping them away. You have to keep your finger on them if you know what I mean.

In the picture is my favorite fly in town- it sits on the bridge wall at Piet Retief str close to Paul Roos. You can help name it. Hey- I might even write a song about him seeing that February Album Writing Month is starting on Saturday: I will be focusing on writing music for a great book and love story I came across by Carien Punt ‘Liefdesverduistering’. With all my research on Jazz and the history of the composers and why they wrote the music, I realized more South African stories need to be told! So this one will be about the Diamond Dig in Kimberley. (If you want your own copy of the book I can pass on her details)
So this fly is going to see all kinds of wonderful things this year. I am busy working on Care First (a Care Placement Agency)- too many people are looking for: carers and somebody to care for. My hope is to connect people who will become like family and upgrade carers to their future purpose.
And it looks like I might have to add handymen, hairdressers and drivers license holders as well.
This gets me all excited and nervous at the same time because I want to let the office stay in the ‘sky’ and be paperless which is a bit of a challenge with technology not being everybody’s forte. We’ll get there- slowly works.

So in the meantime of doing research on filling in forms(and developing the forms) for carers and clients I discovered a nifty new way of scheduling appointments! Play with me… If you have an appointment for foot care you want to schedule in February please fill in the form(it’s fun I promise! Clickety-click stuff) and request a time. On my end I will make sure I bring all my tools to remove whatever toenails and foot-problems you might have. So far it looks like ingrown toenails(boyfriendtitis I call it) and overgrowth seems to be the top challenges.

Remind me next time to write about my visit to Canada over Christmas- it only snowed the last day in Vancouver… aaah.

Sr. Marthie Nel Hauptfleisch
Singer-Songwriter, Professional Nurse, Inspirational Speaker
“Find Your Purpose And Run With It”
083 767 2701
Womanonfire_1 instagram
>Foot Care? Check the button below
>Show: 14 February 2020 Jazz @DeWarenmark, Stellenbosch. I will let you know next week how to book tickets.
>February Album Writing Month starts Saturday… check my YouTubeChannel.
>Song of the week is ‘Smeek vir Reën’- the fly on their wall will tell you they still need rain. But man is it interesting and inspiring to watch the farmer’s wives move in creating all things wonderful in merchandise to support their efforts in surviving. Their information is in the links ‘more’ section #SaveTheSheepSutherland #RadioAirplay will raise visibility- you know what to do- ask and they Radio Station play it(I’ll send the song if they don’t have it already)

Mag ek smeek vir reën o Heer
(Sutherland Anoniem)
Die son kom op, steeds op sy plek
Die maan ook, elke keer
Die voëltjies praat nog, weemoed gerek…
Die stiltes raak al meer…

‘n Steenbok langs die pad verwese
Sy veglus daarmee heen
Ons staar hom aan, deel in sy vrese
Wens ons kon druppels leen..

Koor: Mag ek smeek vir reën o Heer
Ekskuus dat ek weer vra
Wat ons kan offer raak min nou Heer
Dis net U wat ons kan dra
Ons hoop is al so dun geskuur
Ons soebat al so lank

Hoe lank gaan hierdie smart nog duur
Ons siele loop al mank
Van oraloor kom hulp o Heer

‘n Smeekroep weer gehoor
Ons moet U wil nog leer o Heer
Ons twyfel nog verloor

Koor: Mag ek smeek vir reën o Heer
Ekskuus dat ek weer vra
Wat ons kan offer raak min nou Heer
Dis net U wat ons kan dra

There’s always a mountain. Wire?

There is always a mountain… or a long passage way with an end you don’t know if it should be your destination.

Today I found out that that foreign territory is somebody else’s every day life and comfort zone. If you give it(or them) a chance there is always a good samaritan who will point you in the direction of the exit back to your own comfort zone destination. (I visited somebody in the biggest hospital in the world: Groote Schuur)

Then I want to ask myself: Is it a good thing? The comfort zone? This is the year of
🐣”Eggspectation: boil it or hatch it”🐣
(I always pick a theme for my year- it makes it much more fun) and a quote that has been catching my eye is “Live authentic”. Actually I got it off my handbag logo and I thought it is pretty neat: be true to yourself and don’t carry any excess luggage with you- maybe not even a handbag mmm…

How did my trip in Canada go? well I saw amazing old friends, made great new ones and even fitted in a couple of #HouseConcerts! But most of all I can say that people who live in Canada are the same as people who live next door: they smile, they hug, they care and they celebrate moments with you if you let them. The weather and daylight is the only difference. (Let’s not talk about jetlag, ok?)

We arrived in Vancouver and had wonderful sunny winter days-7:30 to 16:30, wet ones with pouring rain and Hollywood lights reflecting off the streets and the last day was the cherry on top with the first snow touching base creating a Winter Wonderland and luckily no shoveling needed.
Thank you for making our Canadian visit Unforgetable! Now let’s get back to sunshine and 38C living!

>In the picture is the Golden Ears Mountain: it was a bit like trying to take a picture of a rainbow- it kept moving further away and I just couldn’t find the perfect shot- so you will see it is ‘wired’!
>Foot Care as usual: Mon-Fri 8:00-16:00. Yes, the nurse is back!
>Upcoming events: working on ‘Katjiepiering en Anys’ with WInston Siljeur(It’s the story of my grandparents-who were married 67 years!) and “Hooglied Bokkie” with Bram Potgieter.(I just love love love this production: it makes me think of pop/classical/poetry/cabaret- definitely something that will stick in your head as a tune or as a theme), #OmmieTafelMetMarthie in March. Contemplating #JazzFridays/#HouseConcerts…
>Song of the week is “Watching over me”. This is a song that has had radio airplay and I hope you will enjoy it too: it is for the days when you need some help getting out of bed… 🙂
Watching over me

Why are you crying?
For you have a God in heaven
Why are you searching?
For His Spirit leads your way

I know it seems dark and cold
And the rain will fall
But there is a reason
For you to believe

Cause where there is chaos
He will bring peace
When life gets too noisy
He will bring calm ooh
When you’re just surviving
Let Him be the One
Oh won’t You show me?
My life has begun ooh

‘Cause You are the One who calls the shots
And You are the One who’s watching over me
Can’t you see?
And You have designed a life for me
That I just can’t wait to see!
To bring You glory, glory, glory
You are the One who’s watching over me.
You are the One who’s watching over me.