Ascending the mountain again

Because you forgot to look up- to spot the waterfall.Later walking up to see it close up. It is actually easy climbing a mountain- if you do it one step at a time- the big rocks help. Recently I thought how can sitting in a lockdown be progress? Then I remembered Canada and all the […]

When a pig rules your life

You will soon be in a lot of truffles… Ask Plaasjapie the Pig who wanted to see the World: nothing more, nothing less… The stories are all the White Envelopes I have created over the years and now found a home for! Super excited… Click around for the Afrikaans and English stories… Link below […]

What the cat didn’t know

Is a dog came to visit. A black one. It ate all the energy out of the pantry and emptied the bowl of light. It took a while but I shooed it out the door.Sometimes you don’t realize you have a visitor until you are running on empty. That is why you have to raise […]

#StoriesOfHope #MondaysWithMarthie

When the dust settles on everything- you have choices to make. I mostly want to ignore it but comes Thursday it’s clear black pianos and dust don’t mix well… But this week I put the dust on hold a but longer to make way for something I have been dreaming of: a podcast series to […]

The olive farmer

Olive oil does not grow in bottles from olive trees- it would be nice though. This is what ‘Abundance’ looks like, I learned this week… March over to the olive grove.Shake a tree.Catch the olives.Bucket them and then decide what you are going to make if it… It is only- once you see all the […]

Spending time in the gap

It’s been very quiet in my house: everybody is home in their own corner of the house: Jean, Nell, Cobus and me. I think the most fun I have is laundry-Mondays when I am trying to pair socks… it’s a ‘to be continued’ saga… Corona 19 has given me time to sit, sit and sit […]

When you can hear your own heart beat

Is either because you have stopped to listen and pay attention or something scary is about to happen that took you by surprise.To me it’s a bit of both. I sleep next to a doctor every night and he goes to work daily. The ‘hello and goodbyes’ aren’t the same anymore. It comes with exclamation […]

Knock! Knock! Who’s there?

It’s your interruption: there is always one… ||: Ask(receive)Seek(find)Knock(open)And then yourINTERRUPTION>>guaranteed :|| It seems to me that waiting is not really a passive action it’s more like playing in your sandbox until the red spade makes it’s appearance. What is ’work‘ when it’s ’play’ for you because it comes naturally to you because it is […]

NO means ‘Not Overnight’.

It’s not easy hearing a NO. But if you turn it around it works like a button and reads ON. It is a switch and you just need to flick it again…No means… no never, not now, not today, not this season, not this year or just ‘ask again later’… We once had aMcDonalds play-toy […]

The Seven Year Plan Is Coming Together

It’s ok to blink. But blinking without having a plan- that’s a problem…I was thinking: How can I sell you my newest offerings without making it look like my Office desk’s chaos? Well- it might look like chaos… but it’s planned chaos! It’s stuff I engineered more than seven years ago… You see I had […]