We will do it together.

It has always been my dream to inspire people to find their purpose and run with it. My way of doing it is through writing songs. Recently I was (*1)made aware of a boy who needed help. Quickly a song was born, released with a lot of love from David Zipse’s music production skills and […]

A Song For Rodwell

Rodwell is nine years old and lives in Zimbabwe. He has a dream to become a doctor, to heal the world. Friday, 9 June his grandmother took him to an all-night-church meeting. While sleeping with the other children he was attacked by a hyena. He now needs a new nose, cheeks, upper-lip and left eye. […]

when you join the story

Yessss, it happened! Encore Marthie! A sold out show with Bram Potgieter as part of #HeuerHuiskonserte in Stellenbosch 9 June 2021. The highlight was this picture Gershwynn created for me as a gift. I asked for his biography and discovered- without knowing it- I was part of it! It just shows you never know when and how […]

No batteries required

There’s nothing like the first time you press down on a piano key and it returns a sound. It is instant gratification that doesn’t need anything more than swinging feet and curious fingers. My first moment happened at my grandmother’s house and that piano was the same one I practiced on for my final piano […]

Marmite Moves

Recently I ran out of marmite(yes I am one of those crazy people that eat it on toast). I was amazed to find out that my favorite grocery shop also ran out. To discover there are two factories in the world producing marmite: in England and South Africa.Funny thing about marmite is: it’s iconic bottle […]

Finishing strong

To stay motivated for the last mile has been something I have had on my mind recently. The idea of finishing the race you started a while ago… like getting your last child through grade 12(with a driver’s license) I recently saw a hilarious video of tortoise and hare which reminded me sooo much of […]

Ready Steady…, ready steady…, ready steady….

Go!I have a Show!I can’t wait to share it with you! I. Am. Super. Excited.Went from ✔️bored(and daydreaming) to ✔️focused flow to ✔️frazzled. Apparently it’s a thing…Get a buddy to breath with and don’t eat the marshmallow immediately because if you wait a bit… you get TWO! You can watch Daniel Goleman’s talk on ‘Focus […]

Did you fall asleep?

Then it’s time to wake up again! The photo is Spike our Hungarian Viszla who recently found his way on anew adventure: a day at the beach and he was having fun all the way. He was particularly interested in the birds on the deep side of the waves. These days I have to pinch […]

For the children

Terry Fox? Ever heard of him? He ran for the children: a marathon a day, every day in his Marathon of Hope…on a prosthetic leg. In 2005 Canada commemorated his legacy with a loonie coin in his honor. Wow! What a man!“After losing his right leg to cancer at age 18, Terry Fox decided to […]

The Wait

I see it as progress while you are not doing anything- or rather you are doing a lot but you can’t measure your progress as easily as you sometimes need to- to realize your progress.These days I am writing a story and a song a day. Just because if I don’t it hangs onto my […]