The Wait

I see it as progress while you are not doing anything- or rather you are doing a lot but you can’t measure your progress as easily as you sometimes need to- to realize your progress.
These days I am writing a story and a song a day. Just because if I don’t it hangs onto my mind and wont let go of it otherwise- the story.
So I will share with you my ✔️story, my ✔️insight(TedX talkabout procrastination and feeling ‘stuck’: ability, performance & self-worth and a ✔️resource of wisdom(The Tao of Pooh

“The main problem with this great obsession for saving time is very simple: you can’t save time. You can only spend it. But you can spend it wisely or foolishly.”
Benjamin Hoff, The Tao of Pooh.

Here is the story…

“Are you done with building the pyramid yet? ”
Sarah puts the plate of porridge on the table in front of Moses.
“No, but we are now faster at baking the bricks and transporting them to the building site,”
Moses leans back in his chair ”I think we are going to start the second layer of bricks today(sighs). It took years to lay the foundation stones! ”
“We are not going to finish today, tomorrow, or the day after tomorrow Sara,” and then softer “To build a pyramid takes many years, maybe longer than our lifetime,
but it will be a beacon for generations to come from how we lived and what we
stood for. Our children’s children will know that we have envisioned, done to accomplish it and done it right from the start.
If I do not do my part today, the pyramid will definitely not be completed.”
“Wait I have to go!” He moves his chair and kisses Sara before getting direction to where the sun is already baking down on the sand dunes and he sees the ends of the first pyramid sticking out.
Today he will do his part, he thinks, because today is a new day.

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Waiting For Amen(Lyrics by Igg)
Verse 1:
Can you tell me how to make it
Through another day
From the wonder of creation
To the stench of its decay
From the promise of the dawn
To the horror of the night
I’ll keep on lying low today and,
Staying out of sight
I’ll stay out of sight

Lightning flashes in the midnight sky again
Distant thunder rolling out the rain
Hot wind blowing through my mind again
I’m just a prayer unanswered
Waiting for Amen

Verse 2:
The nightmares flowing through my blood
Are generations deep
I’d love to show them all to you
But they’ll just have to keep
Please whisper all your secrets
I’ll tell you all my lies
So you can have redemption
And I can sympathize
I’ll just sympathize

Just like a prayer unfolding
I stumble on my way
A simple hymn that I’m still singing
Waiting for Amen
Waiting for my sweet Amen

Lightning flashes in the midnight sky again
Distant thunder rolling out the rain
Bloodwind blowing through the night again
I am just a dusty prayer
Waiting for Amen

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