Wired for success

Plug it in. I thought the ideal would be to go ‘wireless’ but then I discovered thick walls and batteries running flat faster than I can keep on charging devices. Moving office furniture around to make sure I am positioned well to catch what is out there: waves and megabytes.
Not quite the freedom you think technology would add to your life, eh? Doing things sooner and faster brings in more clutter and then it makes one wonder about the old art of arriving and knocking on somebody’s door…
Even if you are wired -to a charger
Or wireless- to wifi
Being connected to a room is never as wonderful as being connected to humans.
Success can be forever evolving in they price your willing to pay for it, give up for it, value it and what it is you value… as success. It changes and evolves over time and fluctuates in the company you are in: boardrooms and ‘bored’rooms.
COVID has brought a lot of new vision on old things. I watch the traffic jams grow back to ‘normal lengths’ on my way home and wonder how people have changed? What I see is happier people being more thankful for the opportunity to connect over and elbow handshake and doing their best for that movement.

People don’t run out of batteries but they do run out of love, hugs and conversation. Lucky that is an easy one to fix: pick up the phone, listen and just be there. Lonely unheard people are hurting people and that is when they need to wire up for success so nobody will notice the disconnect.

Sr. Marthie Nel Hauptfleisch
Singer-Songwriter, Professional Nurse, Inspirational Speaker
“Find Your Purpose And Run With It”
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>In the picture is me uploading with Monday’s With Marthie again (focus on LinkedIn)
>Foot Care as Usual: weekdays, school hours.
>#SaveTheDate Doing a show with Hilton Mandela Andries at the Drostdy Theatre 7 Nov in Stellenbosch. Surreal I know: many doors later(the show would have happened end of March 2020!) Tickets available at Computicket.com or inbox me.
>song of the week is a cowrite with John Nicholson (coolparadiso from Australia) It was out first collab: no wires, but a big hug from Africa to Australia!

The Secret of my success -Marthie Nel Hauptfleisch-Woman On Fire youtu.be/cqnfzPuG8Xc

The Secret of my Success
lyrics @coolparadiso

V I might not be the best there is
Nor every skill possess
But I’m sure don’t lack the confidence
Thats the secret of my success

V They tell me what i cant do
I leave them all to guess
Ill do it my way anyway
Thats the secret of my success

C I wont ever let them get me down
I’ll continue to progress
Im bold and strong and confident
Thats the secret of my success

V if i believed all that i read
Or even acquiesce
But i believe in my own strength
Thats the secret of my success


V Im self contained and confident
All issues i’ll address
I take all problems head on
Thats the secret of my success

C I wont ever let them get me down
I’ll continue to progress
Im bold and strong and confident
Thats the secret of my success

V I don’t keep things inside of me
My feeling i Express
I tell people how i feel
Thats the secret of my success

V Im happy being who i am
I better not digress
Im i want to fight the good fight
Thats the secret of my success

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