Anthem of Hope: Bridge Builder Generation

Now is the time. To Start. I listen to people’s perspectives on how COVID changed the flow of life as we used to know it.
We are all caged in by our own limiting beliefs and set free when we challenge the normal we got used to as the norm.
It is not in the walk but in the fall and get up again we are defined.
Recently I took a look at farm murders, studied Lesotho and came to the conclusion people need houses with roofs that don’t leak. This will make it possible to start a home based business. Everybody knows Covid wiped existing jobs and are leaving people to be creative about creating an income.
So I phoned #TheShackbuilder Quinten Adams and we are working on a musical but in the meantime a poem he wrote inspired a new song. It is an anthem of hope. We are in this together: the get up and go is faster when we lean on each others strengths.

The biggest strength in this time to me is the believers(vs naysayers), the optimists, the ones that smile although you know the road has been especially hard for them.

I hope you find the essence of Christmas this year, buy your year planner and start dreaming again: that is how your get-up goes.


Sr. Marthie Nel Hauptfleisch
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“Find Your Purpose And Run With It”
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>If you want to connect with #TheShackbuilder you can start here (or inbox me)
>I found this definition of Poverty profound(I was trying to reframe poverty) If you have an abundance of it around you you can just as well put your glasses on and look at it. The glass is half, right?
>Here is the song. When I wrote and shared it it came back(in less than ten minutes) from Denmark, America, Belgium with videos, tracks(and quantized piano) and the list goes on… Thank you for a great production David Zipse: cheers to many more hope-projects!
Anthem of Hope: The Bridge Builder Generation

Now is the time- to stop building walls and start Building bridges.
Now is the time to demonstrate to society- unite and build more bridges .
Now is the time -To teach our kids statements and talks at home of-how to build bridges.

Let us take time -to have enough courage
Let us take time- to take people with us – When we cross the bridge….
Let us take time- I can show you how- To get to the other side.

Chorus: Let us be The Bridge Builder Generation
Let them call us the ones who made them proud
Let the generations to come
Say we did it all with love
Let’s break free from the shacks and the shackles
We rise above it all
finding a bright new future
With love from me to you

We build too many walls
and not enough bridges.
Ooh there’s Too many walls
Let’s build more bridges

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