We will do it together.

It has always been my dream to inspire people to find their purpose and run with it. My way of doing it is through writing songs. Recently I was (*1)made aware of a boy who needed help. Quickly a song was born, released with a lot of love from David Zipse’s music production skills and the powerful delivery of Indosakusa The Morning Star.
And as everybody knows: good stuff happens in three’s: next (*2)Woordfees asked submissions for video content and we rushed to make the week deadline that was given (I was still on holiday in Kwazulu Natal) We made it happen! #Together.
Now the challenge is to get the song out to the world to do its thing: inspire and empower people! (*3)You are the third magic component: by watching (and sharing) the video you can show your support.

Why else write another song?

To me this is a song that matters. What a privilege to collaborate with David Zipse and Indosakusa The Morning Star. Thank you for being part of the people who work together to make the world a better place: one song at a time. And for you listening, sharing and being part of the magical world of healing with music.

Sr.Marthie Nel Hauptfleisch
Woman on Fire
Singer-Songwriter, Inspirational Speaker, Foot Care Nurse
083 767 2701
“Find your purpose and run with it!”
[email protected]
#FaceTheWorld #WeWillDoItTogether
#HealingMusic #FireSquared #WomanOnFire

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