Marble Hunting

It is the last marble that fills the jar. Without all the other marbles you can never fill the jar up to top, screw the lid on and declare it ‘filled’. 
What if failing is part of the process?
I recently gave it much thought: what is the purpose if trying one million things and not ‘achieving’ anything? Recently my friend showed me her new painting she is working on and remarked that she did not prepare the canvas like she usually does by priming the canvas. The result is the picture she is painting is absorbing all the coloured paint and the result is different than expected- it is more work. It becomes unpredictable and now takes more time to perfect because she has to wait for the paint to dry and to settle to reveal the dry paint picture.

Maybe the failures or marbles or boring white paint is the push-ups you need to build the muscle and predictability(sustainability) for the final product. It is only until the last marble drops you get to screw the lid on of the SUCCESS you want to stick your name on and put on the shelf to inspire(and teach) the generations to come.

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>In the picture is my ever faithful marbles I keep to inspire me to do ‘eat that frog’ stuff in manageable units.
>Footcare as usual.
>received my first copy of Speak Afrikaans Easily Textbook! Yay! And busy with my youth novel ‘Emma En Die Pienk Vis’ being edited. Cross your fingers ‘Plaasjapie die varkie wat die wêreld wou sien.’ (children’s book) has been submitted for publication at publication house: they say it takes 6 months… after Christmas then!
>I recently wrote a song about this theme called ‘Pixelated Living’ but this one is more about being nested in someone else’s picture.
Pixelated Living(click on name to play)
© Marthie Nel Hauptfleisch 2021
I am the white noise 
I am the backdrop
I am the canvas
against which you succeed.

It is a pixelated lifestyle
of being somebody and nobody
of taking the lead
of laying low.

But I love how I stay connected
and how I can go with the flow
When I am beautifully nested
against the light and darkness I know

I am the white noise
I am the backdrop
I am the canvass
without which you 
cannot blend in or stand out
to succeed.

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