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Yessss, it happened! Encore Marthie! A sold out show with Bram Potgieter as part of #HeuerHuiskonserte in Stellenbosch 9 June 2021. The highlight was this picture Gershwynn created for me as a gift. I asked for his biography and discovered- without knowing it- I was part of it! It just shows you never know when and how you become part of someone else’s story! I am sharing his bio below…
If you missed the show: you can buy the 25 songs : 25 years’ best songs in music by clicking on the link below OR you can book a House Concert at your place!


The first born of four siblings and only one that is left-handed. I started drawing before I can remember and never seen myself as an artist but my art as a hobby. When I draw or paint I go into my own world and it relaxes me and brings me peace that just cannot be explained. I’m a Pisces and very much a dreamer.

Draughtsman by profession for over 15 years in construction. I worked in Cape Town, Johannesburg and in Mozambique. Working away from home for months at a time I use to do self-portraits of work colleagues with no charge, simply because I enjoyed the challenge.

Since COVID-19 pandemic forced me to be unemployed from construction, I’ve found myself with lots of time on my hands. Time I used to paint and escape from the problems and the world.

This is when I met Marthie Nel that inspired me with her energy and straight forwardness, telling that I have a talent and that she is not one bit sorry for me sitting at home jobless and I’m doing nothing with it. I told her that I did not like critics, that’s why I do not put myself out there for the world to shoot me down. That I Love my art and I’m my own biggest fan. I am always amazed with myself when I finish a drawing or painting and could stare at it for hours. I fear people will not appreciate my art and see what I see.

Marthie Nel told me “who cares, that there will always be critics and that I must take that negative criticism and turn it around and learn from it and make it a positive”. She then did the most amazing thing, she told me that she is planning a concert to promote my paintings! WOW! Now if that’s not motivation and believing in somebody, then I don’t know what is!

After advertising my paintings on my WhatsApp up status, I sold my first painting for a whopping R2500! The buyer told me the painting was worth every rand.

With this new found inspiration, I want to paint as much as I can, it’s always been my passion, more no With this new found inspiration, I want to paint as much as I can, it’s always been my passion, more now so than ever!

My family and friends always believed in me, it’s time I do too.”

Sr. Marthie Nel Hauptfleisch
Singer-Songwriter, Professional Nurse, Inspirational Speaker
“Find Your Purpose And Run With It”
[email protected]
083 767 2701
Womanonfire_1 instagram
#MondaysWithMarthie: goo.gl/9vbmfc

>In the picture: Gershwynn and me at Heuer Musikhaus
>Foot care as usual.
>SPECIAL THANKS to everybody who supported the Encore Marthie show in person and good vibes: it is much appreciated.
>Song of the week is ‘Anthem Of Hope’ my newest Release cowritten, inspired and produced with amazing people Quinten Adams(#TheShackbuilder) and David Zipse(Ziptunes) https://spoti.fi/35HhHwK

The Bridge Builder Generation

Now is the time- to stop building walls and start Building bridges.
Now is the time to demonstrate to society- unite and build more bridges .
Now is the time -To teach our kids statements and talks at home of-how to build bridges.

Let us take time -to have enough courage 
Let us take time- to take people with us – When we cross the bridge….
Let us take time- I can show you how- To get to the other side.

Chorus: Let us be The Bridge Builder Generation
Let them call us the ones who made them proud
Let the generations to come 
Say we did it all with love
Let’s break free from the shacks and the shackles
We rise above it all 
finding a bright new future
With love from me to you

We build too many walls 
and not enough bridges.        
Ooh there’s Too many walls
Let’s build more bridges

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