Goodbye Feet

I’ve written many foot-songs that went on all kinds of journeys over the years.
There is one beauty I find in feet: you have to balance yourself on top of them. You can only occupy one space at a time. Not even zoom can change that!
Some people’s feet are made for resting others for seeing the world and even for staying restless. This is what makes us unique.
Don’t die with the music still inside you OR the journey still left to be walked with your feet. Oh the places you’ll see and the people you will meet.
You can not always pick who you journey with but you yourself can choose to be the best companion to journey with.
To me? I love seeing new places but what I love more is coming home.

I am working on a new release that is not quite ready yet: COVID is extending timelines a bit but in the meantime I will share my ‘Stinky feet’ song.

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>If you want to know how a marthie pronounces ‘halo’ in English you can listen to Coolparadiso’s podcast with my collab with Saltyjohn from Uk in it ‘Too soon an angel’ here: To me it’s interesting when he interviews songwriters about ‘the method in their madness’ of creating music and listening to new music!
>And here is a link to just the song and lyrics…#5090(50 songs in 90 days endeavor)

Too soon an angel-Marthie Nel Hauptfleisch-Woman On Fire

Too Soon an Angel
lyrics @SaltyJohn

Verse 1
You didn’t get to go on safari
Or gallop a horse on the beach
You didn’t sit and sip a Campari
Hopping round the islands of Greece.

Verse 2
You didn’t see the Pyramids at Giza
Or sail on a boat down the Nile
Marvel at the tomb of Tutankhamun
And the Sphynx’s inscrutable smile

‘Cos, you were too soon an angel and angels don’t do those things
You were too, too soon an angel, golden halo and beautiful wings

Verse 3
You never saw a sunset in motion
The night time enfolding the day
As the sun melts into the ocean
And all the stars come out to play

I long to have shown you my world
Before you slipped away into yours

But, you were too soon an angel, and angels don’t do those things
You were too, too soon an angel, golden halo and beautiful wings

I’ll do all these things without you
And pretend you’re there by my side
And I’ll turn to you and I’ll tell you
I’m glad you’re along for the ride

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