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I am putting the final touches on my textbook Speak Afrikaans Easily- RayDawn is helping me put it all together. He is a talented graphic designer I discovered amongst all the Speak Afrikaans Easily students on my Whatsapp group. I am hoping to publish it after Women’s Day(happy Women’s Day!) If you are interested in enrolling yourself or someone you know into an Afrikaans language class- the info is on my website. Http://www.MarthieNel.com 

I recently finished a video on a collaboration with Neal Stacey- he is the 2FEET4TB guy. I wrote a story-song about his life and the Woordfees wanted video content so I put some elbow grease into it. You can listen to the song and watch the video here.

Finding the door to your inner magic world where it is overflowing with jewels and treasure collecting dust in the cellar

Maya Angelou has recently inspired me with her life story(watch it here): I love how she shows up with her whole clan enveloped in who she is. I say ‘is’ because although she has moved on I recently saw her words displayed on a coffee shop wall.

my favorite words of Maya is: “Art is how the Spirit shows up into the world: through people who are creative with their life and works.”

I think you know you have made it when your words find their way on a coffeeshop wall as a quote to inspire the customers. Or in the hearts of people you met on yout journey through life.

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It’s about time to ask. How can I do to add value to your life?
In the past many people have got to know me as the one who #talks a lot, #sings a lot, #writes a lot and #nurses a lot.
I have many goals including winning a SAMA, a Grammy, inspire people and sometimes it feels – going to the moon!
But what are your goals? And how can we work together to make it an enjoyable journey and also reach our goals faster?

Because if we are going to be spending time together it’s time to start moving. Let. Me. Know. 

PS Footcare as usual.

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