When Busy Women Pause

I am so super excited I don’t know where to start… ‘Winston and Marthie’ Live Friday Sessions: we are singing Afrikaans cover songs while we wait to see if ‘Katjiepiering & Anys’ has been approved for the Woordfees(who says waiting can’t be fun?), ‘the Neal Stacey Story’ song about his journey with TB is dropping(being released) as soon as I find my way to wifi
And it’s raining in Stellenbosch: Day Zero has become something we talk about fondly in past tense(and we have a new respect for water and understanding for buckets).

“A woman’s highest calling is to lead a man to his soul so as to unite him with source.
A man’s highest calling is to protect women so she is free to walk the Earth unharmed.”

I do not know the source of this quote but I like it. It reminds me of my sister saying a ‘dad gives you wings’. Why am I going on about men when it is women’s day tomorrow? Because… I do not want to live in a world with just women. I want to live in a world where there is balance and harmony. This is something you can not achieve when somebody is made to sit in the corner vs making a difference on the playing field.
Suddenly a ballerina comes to mind: ballerinas are not made for heavy lifting but do they ever inspire us to higher things with their beauty and grace when they are lifted by gentle strong hands! Encore…

We are interdependent and can only become powerful when we are allowed the space, time and grace to spread our wings and fly. It’s a wind beneath your wings thing.
I have sung at many women’s events and I know women insist on their spiritual- and life-partners to join them at the table of success around a #family forming the foundation for #children to flourish in and #society to benefit from.

And I am learning a lot from my Community Psychology research: they say men live longer(and are less depressed) when they have a life partner to complain to! So buy the earplugs, a bottle of wine and celebrate the end of the rant because these are the days of our lives!

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>In the picture at Nude Coffeehouse, Eikestad Mall, Stellenbosch all local women: Greteli Fincham(actress), Leatitia Solomons(actress), Ronelle le Roux(Eikestad Mall marketing manager), me, Liesel Muller(Feeding in Action), Abigail Kwaza(Help a Girl), Elbè van Heerden(journalist). Thank You! We got spoiled rotten with girly stuff by the Eikestad Mall for “Celebrate Women of Stellenbosch”. Tomorrow is your turn to spoil somebody you are inspired by…
>Foot Care as usual: School hours.(Expect a mini lecture on Bonfenbrenner’s theory on Community Psychology or Coenie de Villiers’ Karoonag cover song- At last I know the lyrics now!)
> If you want to hear the better live version of Coenie de Villiers’ “Karoonag”(and subscribe to Winston’s YouTube channel) youtu.be/XTtA8mxOZrY
>The passionate ladies from #SaveTheSheep #Sutherland upgraded our draught song to a video with images. You can watch and support their efforts here. ‘Mag ek smeek vir reën o Heer’ youtu.be/q99hUV-4-pc
>’Fifty songs in Ninety days’ are still ongoing- sporting new Afrikaans songs like ‘Ching, Ching, Ching’, ‘Komma in, Komma in’ and ‘Ek dink daar’s Eelte op die Maan’. 5090 2019 www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLLnyzCv3b2jNo66cysMxaF92xGZ3LZ0BC
>#SpeakAfrikaansEasily are growing new viewers who want to learn Afrikaans as a second language on #MondaysWithMarthie. I am using all my recorded folk songs as learning material: and even I am surprised how handy it is!
>Best for last🎶… The #TBMustFall song… ‘Life is a Gift: The Neal Stacey Story’


Life-To be free again!
Life- is a gift again!
You can guard it
But it’s not yours.

Verse 1.There were days- when it was a struggle just to breathe.
There were days- I had to struggle with disease.
There were days- when I wanted it all to end.
There were days- when I was ready to give in.


Verse 2. When you walk with the road- you’re travelling.
When you run with the road- you have chosen.
When you cycle with the road- just rolling.
You know it’s a journey that will end soon.

Chorus: We can all be heroes- To be free again!
Heroes-Life is a gift-
Heroes-You can guard it
but it’s not yours.
Life is a gift- Share it


Bridge: Hope- is a person who holds your hand- when you are tired of walking alone.
Hope- is the companion who carries you through- the darkest hours.
Hope- is the voice who encourages- when it feels like…endless
Hope- rolls on when you know, you know there are more places for you to go…
More people to inspire, More people to teach
As to where their limits are, tuberculosis has made a hero out of me…

Chorus: We can all be heroes- To be free again!
Heroes-Life is a gift
Heroes-You can guard it
but it’s not yours.

Life is a gift- Share it.
Coda: Life is a gift- Share it.
Life is a gift- Share it…

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