The Jealous Bunion of Footsie

Yes, I wanted to write how your grandmothers bunion becomes your mother’s bunion and then your bunion: in the battle of the toes the bunion always wins and your little toe is left with a callus…

Not everybody needs or opts for surgery making inventive ways of living with it a challenge- like toe spreaders, leather expanders and some elastic band exercises. It helps when you know the bones in your feet move around as you age and rest your body on them. The same shoe won’t fit the same way next year or the year after. Exciting stuff I know!

I am studying for my second last Psychology test/exam tomorrow. I am not sure how much information I will still be able to successfully fit in my head but while we wait and see I thought I would share the newest video Winston and I made of a song Anton Goosen wrote. I decided I am going to be brave and do some drumming! Seeing that I only have one piano and Winston is playing it: the Lady Piano has been giving him F-problems and strong overtones🙄.

So tell us what you think! Hopefully next time I will have news and booking information on #FridaysJazz in Stellenbosch at the Sasol Museum 1,8,15,21 November so #KeepTheDate(Plataan Cafe location, Woordfees). We really need to kick the culture scene up a notch in Stellenbosch… Hey- if you want to make some suggestions about jazz standards that should be on the playlist, musicians who want to jump in, round tables/squares/rectangles, chairs, food and drink- let me know!

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>The picture is flowers I came across walking our dog Spike- the Hungarian Viszla: I did not want to add a face to the bunion-story…
>Footcare as usual weekdays: expect conversations on Group therapy and Bully songs for grade 7’s…
>Did indeed write a song(5090’s still on: 53 songs) about Chommie-Chommie vs bullying and perform it at Paulus Joubert Primary on Thursday. The headmaster joined in 🙂 Chommie Chommie-Marthie Nel Hauptfleisch-Woman On Fire
>You can buy “Life is a gift” song online: The Neal Stacey story of his journey with TB. #TBMustFall
>And the Anton Goosen song: “Beste Henry”. Click button below. Winston Siljeur is playing and you may book him here: [email protected] /073 124 2426 (He is a bit like me: always up to something!)

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