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What if what you saw was only half of what is true.

The thing is with problems-they never go away. They grow new ones and then you have to be thankful for them because this year’s problems are not the same as last years problems. It is different problems… Last year you were dreaming of having the problems you have today. Sometimes progress happens in such small increments that you hardly notice. Yes you can say that the problems you have are REALLY BIG problems compared to last years problems but you never know until the story is complete whether that was true or not.

Last year I worried about studying Psychology 3 and this year I am worrying about passing Psychology3… and I am halfway. I must say I cranked it up a notch because the lecturer checked with me “You know you already attended this lecture this morning?”(I always sit at the front…) “Yes, I know…” I need to finish strong… hoping to get into honors: next year’s new problems! #ICantWait

Did I tell you about my research on Learned Helplessness recently? It’s like the elephant that stays chained with a piece of skinny rope because it has been successfully trained that way #allInTheMind until you teach the elephant to use his frontal lobes and break the rope. With passion and perseverance it can be done #grit. Martin Steligman is the guy who braingineered it.
Positive psychology studies proved you can live 7,5 years longer with being positive boiling down to having hope and being thankful. Reminds me a bit of good old religion(they just took the Heroes out of the story)I shared the ‘live longer’ fact with a client and she paused for a bit and then said: “What if I don’t want to live 7,5 years longer? I’m ninety…”

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>Foot Care as usual. Weekdays, School Hours. This time of the year I see birthday-feet who like to stay in bed.
>In the Photo with me are Petro Diamond, Margaret Hirsch, Dolla Junius and Fay. We were attending the Women Of Worth monthly event. Inspiration and trailblazing is what happens there! My daughter Nell says she thinks I found my twins… Women with passion in one space.
>Friday Tiny Concerts with Winston Siljeur are happening- follow me on social media to know when the next one is: in today’s show we performed “Karoonag”(Coenie de Villiers) We are hoping to invite guest artists and audience members next time.
>my FiftySongsInNinetyDays’ progress you can follow on YouTube(themes are: Tao Te Ching, SaveTheSheep, ‘Hooglied, Bokkie’ and collabs- one is a Nazi song in 5 time measure!)
>Song of the week(or is it month?) is a farmers wife’s words I put to music just last week. “may I beg for rain O God, sorry for asking again…” And you know music can be powerful because… it snowed over the weekend in Sutherland making this a #Rainmaker song for a draught stricken landscape! The author wants to stay anonymous.
You can follow their facebook page and support their amazing efforts to keep their food industries- and people that run them- alive. If you want to contribute this is their information(or you can buy a song or ringtone in the bandcamp shop link below). *Save the Sheep NPC*
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🎶Mag ek smeek vir reën o Heer🎶
(Sutherland Anoniem)

Die son kom op, steeds op sy plek
Die maan ook, elke keer
Die voëltjies praat nog, weemoed gerek…
Die stiltes raak al meer…

‘n Steenbok langs die pad verwese
Sy veglus daarmee heen
Ons staar hom aan, deel in sy vrese
Wens ons kon druppels leen..

Koor: Mag ek smeek vir reën o Heer
Ekskuus dat ek weer vra
Wat ons kan offer raak min nou Heer
Dis net U wat ons kan dra

Ons hoop is al so dun geskuur
Ons soebat al so lank
Hoe lank gaan hierdie smart nog duur
Ons siele loop al mank

Van oraloor kom hulp o Heer
‘n Smeekroep weer gehoor
Ons moet U wil nog leer o Heer
Ons twyfel nog verloor

Koor: Mag ek smeek vir reën o Heer
Ekskuus dat ek weer vra
Wat ons kan offer raak min nou Heer
Dis net U wat ons kan dra.

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