Make your lemon smile

I have lot’s of them: in-fact too many… lemons. And I think God knows my green fingers are challenged because ever so often he scoots a couple of lemons out of the tree so I would notice it. It is time to take the lemon home and make something with it.

Limoncello. I once flew half a bottle of limoncello from Montreal to Maple Ridge on a 8 hour flight. It was worth it.
These past weeks I tried to make my own limoncello: the catch(there is always a catch…) it takes more than a week to make: 3 weeks to be precise. It has to sit on the counter for 1 week developing flavors and it cost me some skin and nails peeling, grating and sitting in one spot preparing the little yellow beasts. By the second week the glass shop was closed, I wanted to buy my bottles from and I couldn’t find the recipe(the third one: I lost my other two copies in the shopping basket and who knows where the other one went…)

Found it… and now I have limoncello: 3 weeks later.
If only everything in life was as easy as making limoncello. I think it is the waiting bit that gets to me- every-time!
But I am getting better at it.

When I want to give up/not feel good enough/get excited- I know: if whatever it is, persists longer than a week THAT is a limoncello!
So- I try not to get too excited/depressed/or the next emotion and go deeper. Because the top of my emotions- like trees- catch the most wind and that is just no fun unless you are a kite.

When you hang out with the roots of the trees you can know that in time the right lemon will appear to celebrate… 3 weeks later. Cheers!

Marthie Nel Hauptfleisch
Singer-Songwriter, Registered Nurse, Inspirational Speaker
“Find Your Purpose And Run With It”
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>Foot care as usual School hours
>The picture of the smiling lemon was taken in Monte Rosso, Italy and inspired my 9 lemon trees in my backyard. Might I add at the top of 5 sets of stone-stairs…
>I am busy with Fifty Songs In Ninety days challenge if you want to follow. I am working on Tao Te Ching, Hooglied Bokkie and Positive Psychology themes. 5090 2019
>Song Of The week is “Hasie hoekom is jou stert so kort”(Rabbit why is your tail so short? I know- don’t ask I did not write it- it sold more than 10 000 singles though!) It is well known in Afrikaans written by Anton de Waal aka George Gun(They changed his name because they did not think people would like Afrikaans words written by an English sounding name) and Nico Carstens(He set it to music for fun as a joke: they were golf partners) and what makes it unique is the collection of Afrikaans words: it gets me every-time… I can’t remember it. But what I can tell you it is the only song I have ever recorded with a lemon in it! El Debbo made it famous- he was a comedian turned singer: he himself dis not even know he could sing! It just shows you when somebody wriggles you out of your lemon-tree what can happen…

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