LinkedIn and spending a night in jail

I am not sure if I was ever meant to fit in a square but if you think about it a cellphone is a rectangle and so is your final box. Now the question is how are you going to stand out the rest of the time…In real relationships and keep yourself out of trouble?

Sunday I spend the night in jail.. LinkeInjail. I overdid it: after COVID(or should I say the tail-end of COVID and getting to used to sitting around) I am keen to show how I fit in square living again. Gone are everyday’s mountain walks, back to the reality of traffic jams (gotto love those!) and grocery store queues…. SO I thought I would give LinkedIn a try(after a recommendation I got from my cousin who has just arrived in Yale, USA to study engineering).

I watched a couple of videos and I was on my way connecting with people in my industries: from nursing(Friday), singing(Saturday), Songwriting(Sunday) and then BAM! just like that the door slammed closed behind me #JailTime(I was carrying on too industriously)

One thing that jail time does to you: it teaches you to actively watch the door in anticipation. Luckily I was locked out in North American time and was set free during the night sleeping in Africa! Now I am back at playing Linked-LinkedIn again. If your work is not playing you are in the wrong profession, I think…

Now I am back: Monday’s job was updating my profile with the 18 tips Nathaniel set out ( if you want to do the same) Hey you can jump in and join me: let me know what skill I can recommend you for: everybody needs a helping hand in these uncertain times.(You can use the QR code above or use this link to see my interpretation of the 18 pointers…

Sr. Marthie Nel Hauptfleisch
Singer-Songwriter, Professional Nurse, Inspirational Speaker
“Find Your Purpose And Run With It”
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>News: I started up my ‘Mondays with Marthie’ You Tube series again with a Purple Cow…
>And I released a new Story of Hope about George The School-Re-Builder…(as in picture)
>This is the song we wrote for George and his community to help them with their efforts… The link is at the bottom if you are interested in hearing it. I believe music must work hard.
Rise Up and Praise

©️ 2020 Cindy Prince

1. To the least of us
To the best of us
To the largest ones
To the smallest ones

Pre-chorus: God sees everything
In gratitude we sing

Rise up, Rise up and praise
I lift- my heart in song
All day and all night long
Praise God in every way!

God knows my heart,
He knows my soul
takes care of me
and my trouble
God is always there
God will always care

2. To the newborn child
To the old aged mind
To the needy ones
To the giving ones

Pre-chorus: God sees everything
In gratitude we sing

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