Are you ready to dress up?

There is a moment in-between wearing your new clothes, and leaving your old clothes on the floor, where you are naked. It is a good thing because you don’t want to ruin the celebration that’s coming!

Recently I’ve had the 99 block of ‘Snakes and Ladders’ in my head: you know the one with the snake that strips you of your height and brings you back to block 2.

Now I have tried to figure out how #2 is a good thing/situation to be in… I think it’s because you get rid of all the excess and don’t collect as much stuff around you that you don’t need on your second rise to the top. To be mindful, smell the roses, appreciate people, stop and listen to the “I’m well, thank you”-answer…

I think that #99/#2 block combination gives you a second chance to do it all over again but more mindful, in the moment and balanced. What’s the rush for 100 anyway because then it’s game over while all the good people are still playing the game?

It is a second breath to check if ‘I’m okay’ for the race and doing what I’m supposed to be doing and not just carrying the load to 99…

So I think stripped is ok if you don’t buy real estate there and keep rolling for the future you are ready to dress for.

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“Find Your Purpose And Run With It”
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>#JazzFridays is on! Some people said they’ll be there every four of the Fridays 5-6pm in November. Well don’t let me stop you- it’s good music! Winston Siljeur is bringing his band. The reason I chose the Old Bloemhof School is because they’s always had a vibe at the Woordfees(also known as the Plataankafee) Tickets at
>The picture is Marthinusss’ version of a summer jazz vibe(tip: you can share it… somebody said”There must be a vibe…” well – YOU are the vibe… I’m going to be singing…)
>Footcare as usual. Expect some conversations on the ‘Friendship bench’ run by grannies and ‘Save the World’ stuff: one community at a time and of course some Jazz tunes…
>KEEP THE DATE 7 Dec: #Afrikaans #SonderGrense, Die Bôrdienghuis, Wellington with Bram Potgieter. Of all the muso’s in the World he knows me the best: he has seen it all: the craziest, saddest, happiest days of them all. Love playing with the master! Bookings
>KEEP THE DATE 24 Nov Lucit Restaurant & Theatre, Pretoria, Gauteng(It’s lunch with music: who knows what could happen behind a grand piano like that!)
>Suzette Kruger- my WordPress guru- says you should check out my website and give us recommendations. Trying to make it clutter free and user-friendly but I don’t know- I’m a Gemini…
> The Song of the week is the first song Tony(Australia)and I co-wrote.

The Secret of my Success
lyrics @coolparadiso

V I might not be the best there is
Nor every skill possess
But I’m sure don’t lack the confidence
Thats the secret of my success

V They tell me what i cant do
I leave them all to guess
Ill do it my way anyway
Thats the secret of my success

C I wont ever let them get me down
I’ll continue to progress
Im bold and strong and confident
Thats the secret of my success

V if i believed all that i read
Or even acquiesce
But i believe in my own strength
Thats the secret of my success


V Im self contained and confident
All issues i’ll address
I take all problems head on
Thats the secret of my success

C I wont ever let them get me down
I’ll continue to progress
Im bold and strong and confident
Thats the secret of my success

V I don’t keep things inside of me
My feeling i Express
I tell people how i feel
Thats the secret of my success

V Im happy being who i am
I better not digress
Im i want to fight the good fight
Thats the secret of my success

The Secret of my success -Marthie Nel Hauptfleisch-Woman On Fire

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