It takes a village, Domino

But how big is the village?
I recently stumbled across the Dunbar Rule of 150. I was trying to visualize how big a crowd of 150 would look like(the number of people I want to attend the Jazz Fridays: first four Fridays in November 5-6pm is showtime- now you know)
So I googled it: what does 150 people look like?… to discover it’s a RULE?!

Robin Dunbar is a British anthropologist and he did some research and figured it out: an effective village/social sizable network is limited to 150 members!
He refers to it as how many people you will be comfortable to spend time with and narrows it down to:

5 people you spend 40% of your time with,
10 people you spend 20% of your time with and
135 people you spend 40% of your time with.

This to me was eye opening?! This means you inner core of 5+10 people are pretty important. And my hope is that they would be a positive influence…

Friends came over recently with their younger children and seeing that I have given away all the good toys we were left with dominoes… did they ever have fun! Building a line-up and to great delight knocking over the first dominoe for the rest to krrrrrrrrr…follow…

But see- that’s the problem. If you have everybody in the village building a line-up of resources and positive energy you just need(don’t need)one person with an overactive finger to make it tumble and then you have to start all over again.

To me this means deep breathing and listening to myself and the 150 I allow around me: to make sure we are in the ‘building’ team and not the ‘tumbling’ team.
In South Africa people are our biggest resource- best to be aware of that and support the efforts to create the village you want to live in.

So my question to you is: are you one of the 150×4 JAZZ Friday’s villagers who are KEEPING THE DATE to join us in November? We are starting something culturally amazing in Stellenbosch: I hope it becomes so inspirational that you will see more music, more culture at your next favorite venue/restaurant/home celebration.

Music will remind you of the days you were…>insert important emotion here


Sr. Marthie Nel Hauptfleisch
Singer-Songwriter, Professional Nurse, Inspirational Speaker
“Find Your Purpose And Run With It”
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>Foot Care as usual: you’ll hear about some interesting ways how seniors can solve depression through friendship benches in Zimbabwe. Love your neighbor- and listen to them too…
>In the picture is Spike, our Hungarian Viszla attending a #Tiny #HouseConcert held by myself and Winston Siljeur. BUY tickets for our Jazz show by clicking on link below(or I can deliver it to your front door- 150 ppl can’t live very far, eh?) Picnic Boxes are also available- bring your own wine…
>Finished with FiftyNinety(songwriting challenge). You can view the playlist of bicycle zongs here=> *I have decided to shift my focus from songwriting now to singing/performing.
>Our family will be visiting Vancouver, Canada 20 Dec ’19 to 10 Jan ‘20. I am planning/open to #HouseConcerts. Admin will happen once I finish my final Psychology exam 29 October. jean finished matric exams 6 November.
>Thank You Marthinusss for the great Jazz Friday poster design.
>The song of the week is something very contagious. Starts with an L… I wrote it for my husband while waiting for him to join us on holiday.

The Dance

V1: I thought you’d never ask me XX
I thought you’d never tell me
I thought you’d never love me
But here you are!

V2: So come a little closer XX
Is this just an emotion? XX
Oh show me your devotion XX
Yes, here you are!

Chorus: We can dance until the moonlight catch our hair
and set the night on fire
We can dance until the stars are in your eyes
And I can see I am your true desire

Bridge: You, my love, you’re the fire
that I keep deep inside
You’re the whisper I hear late at night
will you always be mine?
Let’s dance, my love
Until the fire that we keep deep inside
Becomes the passion of one night’s desire
Will you please just be mine?

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