A Spoon full of Sugar

You may be born with the golden spoon in your mouth. You can go without a knife and a fork but a spoon is different. You can also get out your pocket knife…

I recently became aware of a hobby I have never heard of before. I was attending my monthly Zoom meeting at Toastmasters. I was quite excited because I was doing my last speech in my Leadership pathway- and what a pathway it was! It’s true what Nelson Mandela said: It always seems impossible until it’s done… well I thought I was done but since discovered I still have to do the #FinalSpeech: the speech about all the speeches I have done on my pathway🤣. Man, I am learning patience…!

Anyway the hobby I learned about is #SpoonCarving! It turns out to be quite an art and practiced by many people! Who knew…

Now that is why I like Toastmasters and the people I meet there and the new things I learn from those people- also busy on their neverending pathways of speeches finding the end of their journeys and sharing it with fellow-travellers like me! That is a- heaped-spoon full of sugar to share in your next dinner conversation!

Now a spoon is an interesting thing. You can feed people with it and be fed with it. It can become a symbol of both power and serving. I’ll leave you with the story I heard about Heaven and Hell: both have a big pot of soup and long spoons. A bunch of people are huddled around the pot but in the one people are well fed because they feed each other where in the latter they go hungry because on their own they can’t manage to let the utensil reach their own lips to be fed.

Maybe it’s time we all become #Spooncarvers and #Spoonmasters! Let me know if you are interested and you can join in with our next Toastmasters Zoom meeting(and I hope- my last pathway speech!) and I will connect you with the right spooned people…

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>And just when you thought I did not have a -NEW 50 songs in 90 days – challenge song about a spoon… I do! But this is more a ‘coffee in bed on a Sunday morning sleeping late’ kind of song…Listen here bit.ly/3h9ROJp

1. Wat is dan die
lekkerste lê
As die lê agter jou blad
op ‘n Sondagoggend?

2. Wat is dan die
lekkerste hê
As jou my arm om my lyf
So sag en warm

Prochorus: Jy laat my hart sing
Jy laat my hart sing

Koor: Jy, my lief, my lief, my lief
Ek het dit nie geweet nie
Jy, my lief, my lief, my lief
Ek het dit nie besef nie
Saam met jou, Saam met jou
wil ek lepellê elke Sondag
Saam met jou, Saam met jou
wil ek lepellê…

3. Waar sal ek dan
lekkerder kry
As jou koffie in die bed
Op ‘n Sondagoggend?

4. Wat is dan die
lekkerste sê
Jy is lief vir my
Beskerm my teen die lewe


Koda: asseblief , lepellê
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