Burnout and shedding the ashes

I think it was about 2 and a half years ago when I realized I was burned out. It’s when you climb a hill/the stairs and you have to rest ever couple of steps. Your mind is driven and you are already days ahead into the future but your body wants to stay and rest for a while on the next step right here in front of you.
So then you take that step and the next one. And you wait. It takes up to 18 months for your body to recover and restock on the depleted hormones: a made a study of it at one stage, forgotten most of it but I’ll tell you the bottomline:
There is an other side of burnout: one where you travel light, decide what you want to pick up to carry with you on your journey and what makes your light shine the brightest.
(and then COVID helps you strip the rest away) That burn and urgency you feel, not to die with the music still in you. Your music. That doodle that makes you peculiarly you and special because nobody else has got your brand of crazy written all over their life like you!
When you give yourself permission to be your own kind of crazy(and change the World for the better with it because that was the masterplan in the first place!) you also give the next person permission to be their own kind of crazy. And do we shine!

I’m on the other side of burnout. I’m here: me, my mind and my body: on this one spot aiming for the next step and eyeballing the future ahead. I am hearing voices of people who wants me to tell their stories and wrap it up in 3 minute music mp3’s, children’s stories, radio dramas, plays, books: it’s like living with a village of ideas: some uglier/prettier/weirder than others but I hear them and I don’t need pills for them- just a pen or a computer keyboard!

I’ll introduce you to some below…

I would love to hear what YOUR crazy village looks like #FunnyBunch!

Sr. Marthie Nel Hauptfleisch
Singer-Songwriter, Professional Nurse, Inspirational Speaker
“Find Your Purpose And Run With It”
[email protected]
083 767 2701
Womanonfire_1 instagram
#MondaysWithMarthie: goo.gl/9vbmfc
>in the picture is the design of my new released album on bandcamp(link below) Jerry Pettit from February Album Writing Month-community nagged me: he wants to buy my Cindy Prince collaborations. So I sat down and the 35 lIst of songs are growing. We have done it all Waltzes, kids songs(yes also about lice!🤣), alzheimers, flowers- lots of flowers!, space, save the globe-type stuff and now my favorite … Ghost stories! She really writes them magnificently -so you better check under the bed to see if there’s space for both of us…!
>Footcare ambulance: yes on request. I am able to go in some places. I see one client or so one location per day & send you a picture(I know many can’t see their parents during COVID lockdown)
>Plaasjapie (The Afrikaans children’s story- series about the pig who wanted to see the World and ended up in Paris)is also on Bandcamp now if you prefer that format bit.ly/30e9Fcu
>Speak Afrikaans Easily: the community is growing- I have put a 150 ppl cap on it now. Many people need penpals/chatpals- if that is your thing- please let me know.
>Song of the week is a collab with Cindy. Please SUBSCRIBE to my Channel – I am reaching for my 2 000 subscriber goal!
Enlightened and Restored
© 2020 Cindy Prince

I’m restored with my bare feet in the grass
I’m restored seeing a selfless act
I’m restored when I know all the facts
I’m restored

I’m enlightened in a meditative state
I’m enlightened knowing no hate
I’m enlightened standing at heaven’s gate
I’m enlightened

I’m enlightened and restored
When hearts are open wide
I’m healing and renewed
When all my tears have dried
I’m enlightened and restored
When I’m in the wild outside
Enlightened and restored
Once more

I’m healing when I have a restful sleep
I’m healing when I have treasure to keep
I’m healing when I know my love is so deep
I’m healing

I’m renewed with the touch of a child
I’m renewed when I let myself be wild
I’m renewed and often beguiled
I’m renewed

Repeat chorus

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