There will come a storm

I studied birth order, I studied sibling rivalry: the natural next would be relationships: Adam & Eve stuff. I dunno maybe I should have started there…How to make marriage work. Well I came across Dr. John Gottman and what he says(and studied) makes sense. It is really very simple: be friends first and continuously… 69% […]

LinkedIn and spending a night in jail

I am not sure if I was ever meant to fit in a square but if you think about it a cellphone is a rectangle and so is your final box. Now the question is how are you going to stand out the rest of the time…In real relationships and keep yourself out of trouble? […]

The Procrastinator: Born for a Monday

I recently made a study on what effect it would have on a child to sit next to all the suitcases in the boot of the car when going on a holiday(no sitting-room at the front). The fourth child. Never-mind being born 16 weeks early and spending my first days/weeks/months in an incubator. I found […]