Burnout and shedding the ashes

I think it was about 2 and a half years ago when I realized I was burned out. It’s when you climb a hill/the stairs and you have to rest ever couple of steps. Your mind is driven and you are already days ahead into the future but your body wants to stay and rest […]

A Spoon full of Sugar

You may be born with the golden spoon in your mouth. You can go without a knife and a fork but a spoon is different. You can also get out your pocket knife… I recently became aware of a hobby I have never heard of before. I was attending my monthly Zoom meeting at Toastmasters. […]

All you have to do is ring the bell

This passed on message made me think: would you live life differently after you ring the bell? OR does somebody you know have to ring the bell for you because you were missing out on something you did not know you still have: #Life “Interesting history: in England the local folks started running out of […]