The Jealous Bunion of Footsie

Yes, I wanted to write how your grandmothers bunion becomes your mother’s bunion and then your bunion: in the battle of the toes the bunion always wins and your little toe is left with a callus… Not everybody needs or opts for surgery making inventive ways of living with it a challenge- like toe spreaders, […]

When Busy Women Pause

I am so super excited I don’t know where to start… ‘Winston and Marthie’ Live Friday Sessions: we are singing Afrikaans cover songs while we wait to see if ‘Katjiepiering & Anys’ has been approved for the Woordfees(who says waiting can’t be fun?), ‘the Neal Stacey Story’ song about his journey with TB is dropping(being […]

No Strings Attached

What if what you saw was only half of what is true. The thing is with problems-they never go away. They grow new ones and then you have to be thankful for them because this year’s problems are not the same as last years problems. It is different problems… Last year you were dreaming of […]