NO means ‘Not Overnight’.

It’s not easy hearing a NO. But if you turn it around it works like a button and reads ON. It is a switch and you just need to flick it again…
No means… no never, not now, not today, not this season, not this year or just ‘ask again later’…

We once had aMcDonalds play-toy I could never let go: The Magic Meatball. I loved it so much! The idea is you ask the meatball an important question to which the answer should be ‘yes’ or ‘no’. It had one button you could press resulting in random cheeky answers like
“The Meatball says ‘yes’”
“The Meatball says ‘no’”
“The Meatballs says ‘ask again later’”.

Can one learn something from a bright orange plastic meatball? Yes, absolutely!

You can learn that- although you did not get in for your favorite art festival- you can still go out and meet all the people who has journeyed with you- who has seen your hard work and believe in the Bigger Plan-which is not dependent on tickets sold or 50-100 words printed in black and white in a booklet. It is written in peoples hearts- how they remember you inspired them on a day when they looked at their own ‘NO’ as a permanent condition and in turn remind you to look at your own NO differently-a little less mmm permanent.

So today I bought myself an ice-cream(strawberry and chocolate with jellybeans and caramel sprinkles on top from Marcel’s) and nearly dropped it multitasking paying for it. Nearly melted it because I was talking too much to the next person explaining Tiny Concerts, why they matter(House Concerts) and how it became a Festival… All these various ON people made my NO glow ON because I get it now…
If you can create a legacy and be part of a community of people who move towards building a positive future: that IS the best “Yes!” You can ever get.

You’re Everyone’s Success… (YES)

…it is really not a ‘me’ thing. Its just a matter of waiting until you have been around enough to understand the difference and also give somebody else a chance to build their own legacies too in NO’s and YES’s.

So Cheers to many more NO’s!

Sr. Marthie Nel Hauptfleisch
Singer-Songwriter, Professional Nurse, Inspirational Speaker
“Find Your Purpose And Run With It”
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>#OmmieTafelMetMarthie -In the picture is me at the fabulous Roosboom winery: perfect relaxed backdrop to communicate what I will be up to the next week at the Woordfees in Stellenbosch: meeting old and new friends at the Plataan Cafe(Kruiskerk), (52 Reyneveld str, Stellenbosch is the closest route destination) 1-2 pm(I’ll buy you a coffee!)
>Tiny Concerts Festival is ON! 6 and 13 March 10-11:00 AM #FavoriteThings #FavoriteMusic #Jazz #Covers #Afrikaans #Originals R120 pp. With Winston Siljeur with his piano fingers and I am managing a couple of toys and drums myself as well as singing. Book below or just inbox me. Beverage included(my neighbor said she things Method Cape Classic should do it so I got Graham Beck on board! Whoop! whoop!) BOOK Below
>Footcare as usual: School-hours. I might be scarcer next week though… Placed 3 carers so far for Care First #PartOfTheFamily
>FAWM is over(February Album Writing Month) I did folky songs(and some cut to the bone ones too) for the Kimberley musical I am working on(history of diamonds) 47 zongs! I had to load most on bandcamp this time because I ran out of harddrive space and memory #LongStory. But the good news I have a new favorite!…drumrolllll
>’The Lost Child’s lyrics were written by Bill White from Peru and I put it to music. That is what is so exciting about music: it is alive and ever evolving!
You can find it here.

The Lost Child
Lyric by Bill White
Feb 27, 2020

Let me put you on a golden pony
And I will lead you up the trail
Through the clouds onto a plateau
Where you can see the sun again

You were lost down in the jungle
Swamp where crocodiles play
With a snake your only bracelet
And your crown a bird of prey

Oh why were you the one to see
Such a sad and frightening sight
A lost child scared and choking
On a piece of shattered light

Now you have stopped crying
The stars with sparkle on dried tears
And I’ll return to our father’s house
Until you need my help again

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