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There’s nothing like the first time you press down on a piano key and it returns a sound. It is instant gratification that doesn’t need anything more than swinging feet and curious fingers. My first moment happened at my grandmother’s house and that piano was the same one I practiced on for my final piano exam. We spent hours together every day! 3 hours of serious practice, 1 hour of singing and then my treat: 1 hour of songwriting! You can’t hug a piano but if you could, I would. The next best thing would be tuning it and taking care of it.

I have a show 9 June at Heuer Musikhaus and the drumroll is which piano to play on at that location. I give the pianos names (like people) because none of them are alike: some are like ponytail girls and others like lazy old ladies. My favorite would be the sexy, warm-tone colored one…
Once you meet the lot at Heuer Musikhaus it’s like becoming family – from spotting the huge piano facade to entering the door and stepping on the piano gadget for hand sanitizer to every friendly face who calls the space their home away from home (aka work). No piano is too heavy or location too high or remote to be delivered, even for a three week holiday where, a crane was needed to finish the task. (You can view the miracle here: More information about pianos (and other music gadgets) can be found here:

Now if you want to see some piano-action (and singing) the #EncoreMarthie show is from 19-21:00. Tickets are available at Quicket (link below) or at the door.

I hope to see you there! (If you can not make it you can download the Encore Marthie album with 25 Top Songs here

Sr. Marthie Nel Hauptfleisch
Singer-Songwriter, Professional Nurse, Inspirational Speaker
“Find Your Purpose And Run With It”
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>In the picture are the Heuer children many moons ago who still play piano (and their children)
>Foot care as usual.
>SPECIAL THANKS to Eikestadnuus, Bolander and Fine Music Radio who featured the Encore Show on their platforms.
>If you want to view the Heuer Showroom (spectacular hand-painted mural) you can watch the video here: Wie sou jou kon liefhê soos ek?

Wie sou jou kon liefhê soos ek?
Kom lê hier in my liefde
Wie sal jou kan liefhê soos ek?
Skuil in my karos van liefde

Ek glo in liefde
Wat so lekker met my kop kan mors
Ek glo in jou:
`n duisend soene op my lyf kan los

Ek nooi die maan
En ek nooi die son
Versamel die sterre in die lug
Vanaand sal ons waak oor jou
Ja, ons sal waak oor jou.

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