Marmite Moves

Recently I ran out of marmite(yes I am one of those crazy people that eat it on toast). I was amazed to find out that my favorite grocery shop also ran out. To discover there are two factories in the world producing marmite: in England and South Africa.
Funny thing about marmite is: it’s iconic bottle design has stayed the same for over a hundred years!

“A famous German scientist, Justus Freiherr Von Liebig (12th May 1803 – 18th April 1873) accidentally discovered that the waste product derived from yeast used in brewing beer could be made into a meaty flavoured concentrate that was completely vegetarian.

This scientist and professor, considered to be the founder of organic chemistry, was the first to make and sell bouillon, a meat extract commercially before refrigeration due to it being concentrated. So not only did he discover what eventually became Marmite, but he developed the process for beef extract and founded a company called Liebig Extract of Meat Company, which eventually trademarked as OXO.” There is actually a marmite museum (read more and it’s use are limited in e.g. Australia because the poor use it to brew alcohol with. It does have a high Vit B12 content.

But it’s true: you either love it or hate it. Makes me think: what accidents can you can come up with today that will take 100 years more to develop in a sellable iconic format, stay popular for another hundred years and become part of family culture.

Sounds to me like music… you stumble upon the magic chord progression, add a melody on top and out pops something timeless that becomes part of culture: is dangerous to some, beneficial to others, divides and unifies.
Looks like we need to make more mistakes to get to the magic potions quicker!

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