Fly on the wall

My dad always used to give the flies names- especially the ones who were frequent flyers(and landers) when we would visit Blenheim Farm on December Summer holiday visits to Stellenbosch. Since those days I have discovered inventive ways of keeping them away. You have to keep your finger on them if you know what I mean.

In the picture is my favorite fly in town- it sits on the bridge wall at Piet Retief str close to Paul Roos. You can help name it. Hey- I might even write a song about him seeing that February Album Writing Month is starting on Saturday: I will be focusing on writing music for a great book and love story I came across by Carien Punt ‘Liefdesverduistering’. With all my research on Jazz and the history of the composers and why they wrote the music, I realized more South African stories need to be told! So this one will be about the Diamond Dig in Kimberley. (If you want your own copy of the book I can pass on her details)
So this fly is going to see all kinds of wonderful things this year. I am busy working on Care First (a Care Placement Agency)- too many people are looking for: carers and somebody to care for. My hope is to connect people who will become like family and upgrade carers to their future purpose.
And it looks like I might have to add handymen, hairdressers and drivers license holders as well.
This gets me all excited and nervous at the same time because I want to let the office stay in the ‘sky’ and be paperless which is a bit of a challenge with technology not being everybody’s forte. We’ll get there- slowly works.

So in the meantime of doing research on filling in forms(and developing the forms) for carers and clients I discovered a nifty new way of scheduling appointments! Play with me… If you have an appointment for foot care you want to schedule in February please fill in the form(it’s fun I promise! Clickety-click stuff) and request a time. On my end I will make sure I bring all my tools to remove whatever toenails and foot-problems you might have. So far it looks like ingrown toenails(boyfriendtitis I call it) and overgrowth seems to be the top challenges.

Remind me next time to write about my visit to Canada over Christmas- it only snowed the last day in Vancouver… aaah.

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>Foot Care? Check the button below
>Show: 14 February 2020 Jazz @DeWarenmark, Stellenbosch. I will let you know next week how to book tickets.
>February Album Writing Month starts Saturday… check my YouTubeChannel.
>Song of the week is ‘Smeek vir Reën’- the fly on their wall will tell you they still need rain. But man is it interesting and inspiring to watch the farmer’s wives move in creating all things wonderful in merchandise to support their efforts in surviving. Their information is in the links ‘more’ section #SaveTheSheepSutherland #RadioAirplay will raise visibility- you know what to do- ask and they Radio Station play it(I’ll send the song if they don’t have it already)

Mag ek smeek vir reën o Heer
(Sutherland Anoniem)
Die son kom op, steeds op sy plek
Die maan ook, elke keer
Die voëltjies praat nog, weemoed gerek…
Die stiltes raak al meer…

‘n Steenbok langs die pad verwese
Sy veglus daarmee heen
Ons staar hom aan, deel in sy vrese
Wens ons kon druppels leen..

Koor: Mag ek smeek vir reën o Heer
Ekskuus dat ek weer vra
Wat ons kan offer raak min nou Heer
Dis net U wat ons kan dra
Ons hoop is al so dun geskuur
Ons soebat al so lank

Hoe lank gaan hierdie smart nog duur
Ons siele loop al mank
Van oraloor kom hulp o Heer

‘n Smeekroep weer gehoor
Ons moet U wil nog leer o Heer
Ons twyfel nog verloor

Koor: Mag ek smeek vir reën o Heer
Ekskuus dat ek weer vra
Wat ons kan offer raak min nou Heer
Dis net U wat ons kan dra

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