There’s always a mountain. Wire?

There is always a mountain… or a long passage way with an end you don’t know if it should be your destination.

Today I found out that that foreign territory is somebody else’s every day life and comfort zone. If you give it(or them) a chance there is always a good samaritan who will point you in the direction of the exit back to your own comfort zone destination. (I visited somebody in the biggest hospital in the world: Groote Schuur)

Then I want to ask myself: Is it a good thing? The comfort zone? This is the year of
🐣”Eggspectation: boil it or hatch it”🐣
(I always pick a theme for my year- it makes it much more fun) and a quote that has been catching my eye is “Live authentic”. Actually I got it off my handbag logo and I thought it is pretty neat: be true to yourself and don’t carry any excess luggage with you- maybe not even a handbag mmm…

How did my trip in Canada go? well I saw amazing old friends, made great new ones and even fitted in a couple of #HouseConcerts! But most of all I can say that people who live in Canada are the same as people who live next door: they smile, they hug, they care and they celebrate moments with you if you let them. The weather and daylight is the only difference. (Let’s not talk about jetlag, ok?)

We arrived in Vancouver and had wonderful sunny winter days-7:30 to 16:30, wet ones with pouring rain and Hollywood lights reflecting off the streets and the last day was the cherry on top with the first snow touching base creating a Winter Wonderland and luckily no shoveling needed.
Thank you for making our Canadian visit Unforgetable! Now let’s get back to sunshine and 38C living!

>In the picture is the Golden Ears Mountain: it was a bit like trying to take a picture of a rainbow- it kept moving further away and I just couldn’t find the perfect shot- so you will see it is ‘wired’!
>Foot Care as usual: Mon-Fri 8:00-16:00. Yes, the nurse is back!
>Upcoming events: working on ‘Katjiepiering en Anys’ with WInston Siljeur(It’s the story of my grandparents-who were married 67 years!) and “Hooglied Bokkie” with Bram Potgieter.(I just love love love this production: it makes me think of pop/classical/poetry/cabaret- definitely something that will stick in your head as a tune or as a theme), #OmmieTafelMetMarthie in March. Contemplating #JazzFridays/#HouseConcerts…
>Song of the week is “Watching over me”. This is a song that has had radio airplay and I hope you will enjoy it too: it is for the days when you need some help getting out of bed… 🙂
Watching over me

Why are you crying?
For you have a God in heaven
Why are you searching?
For His Spirit leads your way

I know it seems dark and cold
And the rain will fall
But there is a reason
For you to believe

Cause where there is chaos
He will bring peace
When life gets too noisy
He will bring calm ooh
When you’re just surviving
Let Him be the One
Oh won’t You show me?
My life has begun ooh

‘Cause You are the One who calls the shots
And You are the One who’s watching over me
Can’t you see?
And You have designed a life for me
That I just can’t wait to see!
To bring You glory, glory, glory
You are the One who’s watching over me.
You are the One who’s watching over me.

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