A Song For Rodwell

Rodwell is nine years old and lives in Zimbabwe. He has a dream to become a doctor, to heal the world. Friday, 9 June his grandmother took him to an all-night-church meeting. While sleeping with the other children he was attacked by a hyena. He now needs a new nose, cheeks, upper-lip and left eye. […]

when you join the story

Yessss, it happened! Encore Marthie! A sold out show with Bram Potgieter as part of #HeuerHuiskonserte in Stellenbosch 9 June 2021. The highlight was this picture Gershwynn created for me as a gift. I asked for his biography and discovered- without knowing it- I was part of it! It just shows you never know when and how […]

No batteries required

There’s nothing like the first time you press down on a piano key and it returns a sound. It is instant gratification that doesn’t need anything more than swinging feet and curious fingers. My first moment happened at my grandmother’s house and that piano was the same one I practiced on for my final piano […]