When the lights go out but the sun still shines

You must be in South Africa because it is load-shedding. The benefits of load-shedding is you get to spend time with your cat. And plan your day better: computer on, computer off #Restart #ShutDown And everything works in pockets of 2,5 hours.

Just like the show for Valentines day at De Warenmark: 2,5-3 hours. With good music you don’t need lights. And the food will be ready- it always is at De Warenmark(my mom always phones and asks what I am up to when I am eating oysters and champagne there on a Friday night… and then I have to brace myself for the ‘don’t eat raw seafood’ speech…)

But this Friday it is going to be extra special: ✔️Valentine’s day ✔️Friday ✔️Sincere Swing will be creating the music canvas of the evening. Me? I’m the cherry. I hope the cherry remembers her words… 12 new songs- and let me tell you jazz music tend to knot your brain- and vocal chords- securely until you are not really sure in which key you are in, was or going to end up in… alas! Does it even matter..? All I can say that I have been known for creative wording, singing and it is mostly on a recognizable note of the music scale/keyboard. And if not …you just hold it- hold it- hold it until you grab it successfully! Thats all.

Hope to see you there!

Sr. Marthie Nel Hauptfleisch
Singer-Songwriter, Professional Nurse, Inspirational Speaker
“Find Your Purpose And Run With It”
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>The picture includes the fabulous menu for Friday’s show.
>Show info: Valentynsdag. Bring jou romantiese sy na vore en bederf jou geliefde op Valentynsdag. Vrydag 14 Februarie 2020 met ‘n verruklike driegangmaaltyd met wyn en Jazz deur Sincere Swing & Marthie Nel Hauptfleisch- bespreek nóú.R425 per persoon(sluit 3 gang maaltyd en wyn in) R70 “cover charge” per persoon. Bespreek 021 883 2274.
>Foot care as usual. Care First has their next orientation day for carers 17 Feb- you can email me and I can send you the details.
>You can follow my progress on February Album Writing Month in bandcamp(working on a musical about Kimberley and the diamond rush) marthienelhauptfleischwomanonfire.bandcamp.com/
>The song of the week is by Cole Porter: (You’d be so)Easy to love…I recorded it with just voice and piano with Bram Potgieter because it doesn’t need much. It does cover quite a bit of many piano notes… link below.

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