The day sheep learned to fly

This is exactly what happened last week when I needed a written press release fast and I have a (brilliant)grade 12 student in need of money because he is done with exams and on his way to Plett Rage… 20 minutes later… a masterpiece. I really hope this happens more often…

“When thinking about South Africa it is hard to ignore that with our amazing warm weather comes the opportunity for drought. We in the Western Cape are far too familiar with drought and how it can affect our communities after the Day Zero scare of 2018 but the people of Sutherland in the Northern Cape could only have hoped their drought only lasted a year. The track “Smeek vir Reën” aims to raise awareness about the drought that has plagued the sheep farmers of Sutherland for the past 7 years and ultimately forms a way for those affected to try and express the hardships they face on a day to day basis through the medium of music. The song’s origin stems from a farmer’s wife in Sutherland, who wishes to remain anonymous, who came forward with lyrics that I was asked to put to music for this awareness campaign. The track is a call for unity within the Western Cape and within the greater South Africa to stand by the people of Sutherland and to support them in any way they can through : raising awareness and letting them know that they are heard and not forgotten or through graciously making monetary contributions to provide relief to the farmers in need. All proceeds are used to fund feeding schemes carried out every 2-3 weeks for the sheep of Sutherland but without the help of donations these schemes cannot take place. For any inquiries regarding those wanting to make the track available to their local radio stations in order to raise awareness and show your support please contact Marthie at [email protected] or 0837672701

If one wishes to make a contribution they can do so through the fund Save the Sheep NPC which has been set up for relief with details as follows:

Standard Bank
Account Number: 082956693
Branch Code:05008
Branch name : Beaufort-West
Cheque Account
SWIFT code : sbzazajj”

Sr. Marthie Nel Hauptfleisch
Singer-Songwriter, Professional Nurse, Inspirational Speaker
“Find Your Purpose And Run With It”
[email protected]
083 767 2701
Womanonfire_1 instagram
>#SaveTheSheep is going places. Another stunning design by Marthinusss thank you! ‘Smeek vir Reën’ is available or my personal favourite: download the music(amongst other farm noises)as a ringtone here . Why I like bandcamp? You can donate your own amount and you skip all the steep international banking fees… It is a great Christmas Gift idea for people who live far away or if you want to travel light. Bram Potgieter did his magic with the musical arrangement and De Wet van der Spuy the mixing and mastering. I am always humbled by their genius. Thank you. REQUEST RADIO AIRPLAY PLEASE 🙂
>In photo: Wellington is getting hotter and jazzier: ‘Gin & Jazz’ at Die Bôrdienghuis, Wellington on 13th of December 18-21:00. Marthie & Bram(he is bringing his band to add more magic) Hope to see you there! Booking Button Below. They say you have to play with your gin before you drink it… mmm let’s see!
>’Let’s Talk Foot care’ is a series of two talks that will be offered by me in collaboration with Dr Ilse Joubert at her Stellenbosch Square. Tuesday 10&17 Dec 2019 8-9am. ‘Tis the season for cracked heals… Seniors and Diabetics also welcome. Limited seating. Bookings Button Below.
>The song of the week is the Liberace-song(he is the guy who flew across the stage with a fur coat) Ppl seem to like my version.
My Baby just cares for me…

Baby, my baby don’t care for shows
And he don’t even care for clothes
He cares for me
My baby don’t care
For cars and races
Baby don’t care for
He don’t care for high-tone places

Liz Taylor is not his style
And even Liberace’s smile
Is something he can’t see
Is something he can’t see
I wonder what’s wrong with baby
My baby just cares for
My baby just cares for
My baby just cares for me

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