Thank you for letting me inspire you!

Last Thursday was special. It started on Wednesday when I had to kill a phone call in the last 5 minutes of my last psychology class: it was Danie Keet from the Eikestadnuus Newspaper
“Marthie what are you doing tomorrow? Because we are having an Inspiration women’s day event and from the nominations your name came up a couple of times and we decided to give you the award for Inspirational woman of the year. You will be sharing it with another lady who is not from the Stellenbosch community.”
Thank you so much for allowing me to inspire you. You know God gave us all our unique purpose and inspiration is at the top of my list… so this is so spot on!

So Thursday was a dream filled with beautiful women(lipstick and high heels) and amazing speakers from the Master of ceremonies Elsabé Daneel to Alicia Buckle telling her how to look good with a R23 budget, Leah who sang songs from her new album( Law, Theatre art school and she can song?!), Helen van Wyk with healthy food lifestyle options and Yolande Swanepoel from Isa Carsten with tips on how to spend time on your most important piece of clothing: your skin…

I also met THE woman who sounds just as crazy as me(yes, she also studied psychology- no surprise!) Wait for it: she makes school shirts for kids out of tossed out Hotel linen… how cool is that?! And that all because a young boy’s tears touched her heart… and of course it evolved and she now has a factory of women working for her: creating amazing who-knows-what-next behind their sewing machines…

You can follow her and support her cause here
My words to her was: my job is not to start another Non Profit Organization but to be the flashlight casting a light on what other amazing people are doing already! People like you…That way the resources are not diluted but instead supported by more people who become aware of how they can get involved.
I want to be the Signpost that points people to…
the next resource they need
for their next step to
get to the other side of their impossibility.

And like Audrey Hepburn said: the word itself says “I’m Possible”.

I am actually thinking of ideas for a pilot program(video/tv/who knows). If you have suggestions let me know! I think showcasing NPO’s in Stellenbosch would be cool start and keep me busy for a while!

So get your Eikestadnuus tomorrow: they really are in the business of news- good news- that will inspire you too… who knows you could be next…???

Sr. Marthie Nel Hauptfleisch
Singer-Songwriter, Professional Nurse, Inspirational Speaker
“Find Your Purpose And Run With It”
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>Foot Care as Usual: no Psychology… just jazz!
>In the picture is Danolene Johanessen with me on the Woman’s Inspiration day.
>This is where you can read the Eikestadnuus online news
When a Friday like this needs Jazz like that…
>Join us for an hour of #JazzFridays in November featuring Marthie Nel Hauptfleisch & Winston Siljeur band.
5-6pm, 1,8,15,22 Nov., 52 Ryneveld str(Ou Bloemhof), Stellenbosch. Bring your own wine, preorder picnic boxes optional.
Book Early Bird R120/Groups R100/Student/Seniors Tickets R75. Link below.
>Look out for #Afrikaans #Sonder Grense in Wellington, Pretoria, Durbanville and Stellenbosch(info-button below)
>The song of the week is: Who is the woman in the mirror?

This was a request by me to my sister-in-law Madrè Nel- when she just finished her cancer treatment for breast cancer: To put in words her experience so that she could be the inspiration for others to follow. It is the story of stepping into the unkown and scary into a new view on life and gaining a new family. She has been so brave and her perspective on life is quite life-changing!

P1. First the mamo…Then the biopsy aaahaa (BA)
You must be kidding! Look the big needle! Aahaa (DE)
Then the surgery….first scar, 3rd scar….Aahaa(BA)
Come join our family at oncology -we are family! (DE)

P2. It’s not working guys…I’m not feeling better. aaahaa (BA)
I look around, get the pamflets, get the hugs… Aahaa (DE)
do the chemo’s, the radiations, more pills… (BA)
Come join our family at oncology -we are family!(DE

P3. The Red devil…the red death…. Chemo! (aaahaa) (BA)
First you pray to live, then you pray to die, then live again. (DE)
How’s this suppose to make me feel!? Aahaa (BA)
Come join our family at oncology -we are family! (DE)
Join our family at oncology -we are family!we are family

Chorus: Who is the woman in the mirror?
She’s strong, courageous and she’s brave
Changed on the inside- a survivor
Cancer brings blessings in disguise
You learn to look beyong reality
And what this life seems to be
Relationships and not the money
Finding new friends, a family.

V1: Everyone tells you they’re sorry
But can’t you see- I’m happy?
Happy to be a survivor.
Happy to be alive.

V2: Stop your rushing, stop your fighting
Stop lying to yourself.
Take your life, take your friendships
Sit in your garden and say thanks

V3. As the weeks pass you see faces
Some with fear and some with joy
We’re all brave and courageous
One thing we share is HOPE

Bridge: Quick, quick…get the wig!
Wigs all colours, wigs all sizes
Quick, quick, get the wig!
Its so funny drying hair, flying hair… none!

Chorus: Who is the woman in the mirror?
I ask as my journey ends
Changed on the outside but on the inside
It’s always been …me!

(modulate) I am the woman in the mirror.
I’m strong, courageous and I’m brave
Changed on the inside- a survivor
Cancer brings blessings in disguise
I learned to look beyong reality
And what this life seems to be
Relationships and not the money
Finding new friends, a family.
Come join our family at oncology -we are family! (DE)
Join our family at oncology -we are family!
We are family…

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