Marmite Moves

Recently I ran out of marmite(yes I am one of those crazy people that eat it on toast). I was amazed to find out that my favorite grocery shop also ran out. To discover there are two factories in the world producing marmite: in England and South Africa.Funny thing about marmite is: it’s iconic bottle […]

Finishing strong

To stay motivated for the last mile has been something I have had on my mind recently. The idea of finishing the race you started a while ago… like getting your last child through grade 12(with a driver’s license) I recently saw a hilarious video of tortoise and hare which reminded me sooo much of […]

Ready Steady…, ready steady…, ready steady….

Go!I have a Show!I can’t wait to share it with you! I. Am. Super. Excited.Went from ✔️bored(and daydreaming) to ✔️focused flow to ✔️frazzled. Apparently it’s a thing…Get a buddy to breath with and don’t eat the marshmallow immediately because if you wait a bit… you get TWO! You can watch Daniel Goleman’s talk on ‘Focus […]