The olive farmer

Olive oil does not grow in bottles from olive trees- it would be nice though. This is what ‘Abundance’ looks like, I learned this week… March over to the olive grove.Shake a tree.Catch the olives.Bucket them and then decide what you are going to make if it… It is only- once you see all the […]

Spending time in the gap

It’s been very quiet in my house: everybody is home in their own corner of the house: Jean, Nell, Cobus and me. I think the most fun I have is laundry-Mondays when I am trying to pair socks… it’s a ‘to be continued’ saga… Corona 19 has given me time to sit, sit and sit […]

When you can hear your own heart beat

Is either because you have stopped to listen and pay attention or something scary is about to happen that took you by surprise.To me it’s a bit of both. I sleep next to a doctor every night and he goes to work daily. The ‘hello and goodbyes’ aren’t the same anymore. It comes with exclamation […]