When you can hear your own heart beat

Is either because you have stopped to listen and pay attention or something scary is about to happen that took you by surprise.
To me it’s a bit of both. I sleep next to a doctor every night and he goes to work daily. The ‘hello and goodbyes’ aren’t the same anymore. It comes with exclamation marks and ellipse’s !… Dare I say it: The Corona Virus. It’s like giving the Devil a new name and watch it move collecting freedom where it goes.
It does create opportunity though: to think about what you want, what you had, what you would like to spend your time on or not. It’s all choices: ones you can make and ones you can’t make.
It’s not that bad being in quarantine: I have now at least figured out how I drive myself up the wall without any help of others. And most of all I have rediscovered what keeps me sane and grounded. It’s the small stuff really- like watching the sun move the shadows around in my home office until it shines directly upon my face and I know it’s time to call it a day. Even workaholics need to rest😅.

Thank you for staying home. Thank you for considering what will be your next adventure. I have no words to describe what is happening currently but I do hope I will see you on the other side of health…!
Sr. Marthie Nel Hauptfleisch
Singer-Songwriter, Professional Nurse, Inspirational Speaker
“Find Your Purpose And Run With It”
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>In the photo is my neighbor’s dogs: all rescue dogs who landed in Heaven. They remind me of second chances and starting again when you least expected it. They can’t wait for the quarantine to be over either!
>footcare: it’s been a while. If you have an emergency I can share videos on everything feet I’ve made. The physical will have to wait and see.
>Songwriting? I’ve sneaked in some corona songs: educational(I think most ppl know to wash their hands by now)and for emotional healing. Here is my favorite one- let me know if you like it too. It’s always good to connect with friends: hey! I even discovered Zoom and rediscovered Skype recently- we can try but South African waking hours please…
>Song of the week: I cry a tear for the innocent ones… I wrote this after I heard of the first two ppl who did not survive the virus and to all the innocent ones: spreading it next, getting it next: the innocent ones.
You can click the button below to go to the song on bandcamp(feel free to browse around: It starts at Psalm 23 all the way to new ones I’ve created for February Album Writing Month)
I cry a tear for the innocent ones
© Marthie Nel Hauptfleisch

I cry a tear for the innocent ones
Who don’t have a say
Because their breath is gone
I cry a tear for the innocent ones
Who came from far away
Who find their freedom’s gone

We all have to learn how to love
But that’s maybe all we know
To love separately From a distance
From far away
When we wanted it to be personal

I don’t know what the future holds,
my friend- For you or my family
All I know is there’s this one step to take
And it’s right here in front of me

So let’s be quiet, yes be at peace
Yes, be thankful for times like these
When we can see there is a blessing in everything
Even though, even when, even I can’t see the future clearly
HOPE is all we have
HOPE is all we have
HOPE is all we have
And a prayer to get you there.

So today I pray for you and your family
That you will know and experience love completely
And you will give it away
And receive more than you need, more than you need
Then we will all have more- abundantly
What a wonderful world, what a wonderful world this would be.

Eh men, Amen

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