The Seven Year Plan Is Coming Together

It’s ok to blink. But blinking without having a plan- that’s a problem…I was thinking: How can I sell you my newest offerings without making it look like my Office desk’s chaos? Well- it might look like chaos… but it’s planned chaos! It’s stuff I engineered more than seven years ago… You see I had […]

When the lights go out but the sun still shines

You must be in South Africa because it is load-shedding. The benefits of load-shedding is you get to spend time with your cat. And plan your day better: computer on, computer off #Restart #ShutDown And everything works in pockets of 2,5 hours. Just like the show for Valentines day at De Warenmark: 2,5-3 hours. With […]

Care First- staying independent longer

You don’t allow just anybody into your home: it is a place where love and trust are respected. That is why I started Care First Placement Agency. We find trained quality carers you can adopt into your home to keep you in control of your care and independent longer.This is my press release. “A project […]