The day sheep learned to fly

This is exactly what happened last week when I needed a written press release fast and I have a (brilliant)grade 12 student in need of money because he is done with exams and on his way to Plett Rage… 20 minutes later… a masterpiece. I really hope this happens more often… “When thinking about South […]

Stumbling into an art gallery

Last week I found two men in the Stellenbosch University Museum Art Gallery who were very interested in the Jazz show. “Can’t I sing Queen of the Night opera? How about Afrikaans? Or Original music? … in Namibia?” Yessss… but not all on one night and I am worried about the wine glasses shattering(besides I […]

Yessss! It’s Friday! #JazzFriday

Failing Forward: I recently made a study of how failing can become part of your success(Will Smith is an expert on failing ‘I work the hardest’). Then I realized failing is what raises you up to the higher level you need to become successful. If you haven’t failed enough, you haven’t earned your way to […]

Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow Mozart

Eine Kleine Nachtmuzik… ring a bell? then you know what I am talking about. His music will forever live on. Even though his grave is unmarked and he died rich in music, poor in money… I recently attended a House Concert “Mozart Piano Trios”: what a treat! Cupcakes and High Tea sandwiches done right. No […]