The ohdannyboy-factor

Music etches your life like streetlamps next to the road. It lights up your past in moments and guides you along just far enough for now. You cannot listen to music in future tense. It is only now. I have recently been asked by a friend -how long have you been doing music, I was […]

Taller than Life

Let me introduce you to my friend Lidia I see once a year for coffee(In the picture with me). We live and work in basically the same town. When we do see each other we talk about the ‘unspeakables’… this includes diabetes, woundcare, colostomies and homecare. The best move is to keep your phone off […]

100 years of being a Woman in South Africa

“If I knew to honor your mother and father would really get me to 100, I would have reconsidered… my sister, who also became 100, agreed…”It is not difficult to discover the secret behind her century: she is positive, open minded, inquisitive and deeply connected in her relationships with her family and care-givers. Life to […]